RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Sweet Potato Rieska & Green Chile Stew

If you still have any leftover turkey, throw it down into the pot of chile!
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December 1, 2016
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I love something simple that tastes amazing. And after a weekend of cooking everything but the kitchen sink (although the garbage disposal did so much chopping, that doesn’t seem like the truest of statements), the potato rieska by Skeleton seemed like just the ticket.

WELL, I used leftover mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese for my version, and it affected the dough. I modified the recipe by adding about ¾ c of milk, and I extended the baking time to about 25 minutes (at 450).

The results? Not-so-photogenic crisp edges and a breadlike/soft center. They definitely didn’t turn out beautifully like Skeleton’s, and I’m pretty sure the reason is behind my leftover choice. However, they tasted really, really great!

So, in addition to using up the sweet potato leftovers, I also wanted to do something with a leftover roast chicken; plus I had some potatoes and I always have cans of chile on hand. We had some fairly dismal weather this weekend, and I was out in it rooting on the Seattle marathoners on the 27, so a really nice spicy, salty bowl of hot green chile stew sounded perfect. If you are one of those lucky people who celebrated Thanksgiving with a bunch of food, inside and warm (hat tip to protestors who did not!), I think the following recipe could probably be amended to whatever you have left and/or lying around.


Because we’re dealing with leftovers, I just kept this easy and quick (and being outside of my homeland means I order in Hatch canned chile; feel free to use fresh chilies of your choosing).

I started with a leftover onion (chopped), probably five cloves of garlic (garlic fiends, unite) and three cans of Hatch Green Chile (hot). If you are not into chilies or you don’t have green chile lying around, I think the recipe could probably go without — just add a couple carrots and two stalks of celery to add a little flavor, then maybe a can of black beans. So many cans! What would I do without them! I’d be waiting for beans to soften in a pot of water overnight, most likely.

So, let’s get to cooking. I put 2 tbsp butter at the bottom of my soup pot and let the onion, garlic and chile get all up in there and really sweat it out together, like it’s the ‘90s and this song just came on. From there, it’s so easy, it’s like nothin’: I added the rest of the bag of potatoes I didn’t cook for Thanksgiving (5 small russets), chopped into chunks and skins left on, a can of Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes with Garlic (you can use fresh, if you have leftover tomatoes), and 64 oz. of chicken stock.

After about 30 minutes of bubbling, I add leftover chicken meat shredded from the carcass (such beautiful words here) I roasted over the weekend. You could feasibly use leftover turkey for a super-hearty and more seasonal stew. By the time you’re reading this, however, that turkey is probably done dang gone. If you froze it, get it out and throw it down into the pot of chile!

So that’s it. I let it pop and simmer for a few hours, serve under a blanket of cheddar and a warm, stretchy tortilla by its side.

I’ve been thinking a lot about soups and stews, probably because it’s that time of year but also because they’re so easy. Today I was wondering if someone had invented pizza stew. (They had and it’s also the name of a podcast out of Tacoma! What a weird coincidence.)

So, what’s your favorite stew? Beef stew? Vegan mushroom stew? K.Stew? Hit me.