RECIPE OF THE WEEK: The Last of the Tomatoes

If I have one regret concerning the summer of 2016, it's that I didn't eat enough tomato sandwiches.
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August 31, 2016
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Hello, my fellow enthusiastic eaters, and welcome back to another umami-packed installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week we dished about basidiocarps in all of their glory, and the winner — from esteemed commenter wimsey — was a perfect little pocket of tastiness.

When I was living in Baltimore, there was this amazing mushroom lady at the farmer's market, and she'd flame grill these enormous marinated portobello mushroom caps (I don't even know how she get huge ones like that) until they were almost blackened. They got served in a pita pocket with fresh baby greens, feta cheese, and hot sauce. I seem to also recall caramelized onions. It was so good that it got me out of bed early on Saturdays, and I am not a morning person.

Grilled king oyster mushrooms (sliced, painted with good olive oil, dash of s/p) are also super good.

Given the fact that I don't currently have a grill, or even a gas stove, I had to modify this slightly, cooking the portobello mushrooms in my cast iron pan until they got a good bit of color on them.

I then stuffed them in a pita, along with all of the other suggested goodies (including the caramelized onions), and drizzled hot sauce all up in there.

I then tasted it and found that it was good.

This ultra-savory pita pocket of wonder checked all the flavor boxes. We got umami-rich mushrooms, salty-funky feta, sweet onions, spicy hot sauce, and fresh, leafy greens. This is as close to a perfect lunch as it gets, my friends.

Wimsey's trophy for this stunning contribution is "John, I'm Only Dancing" by David Bowie, not because it has anything to do with mushrooms, but because I saw The Man Who Fell to Earth last night, and now I'm on a kick.

Scootin' right along. Summer is drawing to a close, and, overall, I am not that sad about it. I made it to the river a few times. I got some sun. I drank many pink beverages. I am mostly ready for fall.

If I have one regret concerning the summer of 2016, it's that I didn't eat enough tomato sandwiches. I can (very sadly) count on one hand the number of tomato sandwiches I consumed, and I don't know how tomato season slipped away so quickly.

Luckily, it's not entirely over, and there is still time to pack in a few bushels of the things. So what I want from you, my dearest dears, is all of your favorite ways to eat tomatoes, and I want them quickly, before they vanish from my market, taking my heart with them.