That One Drink You Have to Convince People to Try

What are you right about?
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March 5, 2016
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Hey party people, and welcome back to another installment of That One Drink. Last week we shared stories about imbibing among the clouds and regaled one another with tales of wonderful people we've met while flying.

The most up-voted comment was one of the latter.

I also had a Best Person I Ever Met On a Plane experience. He too paid for my drink, made no small talk, and when I fell asleep, covered me with his sport coat. When we landed, he wished me well and left. I'd like to think he was like an angel or something. This happened seven years ago and I still smile thinking about it.

The reply was pretty good too:

Aw, so sweet. Mine was on my son's very first flight, when he was about 7 months old. I was flying with him by myself and I purposely chose a seat in the way back in case he got fussy; I was flying Southwest where you can choose your own seat. This older lady chose the aisle seat across from my aisle seat and gave me a nice smile and a "Beautiful baby" as she sat down. I hadn't purchased a seat for my son and was just holding him in my lap, and once he fell asleep, I was attempting to hold him while reading People magazine and trying to stay comfortable while not disturbing him. The lady across from me (Linda was her name, I found out) offered to hold my son for me while I read my magazine so I could have a break. We actually ended up talking for the rest of the flight and she was just so nice. She said she had one grandchild who lived far away and she was so thankful to have a baby to hold again, even if just for a little while.

Both of these stories are heartwarming and reaffirming, and help to remind that most people are basically decent. Messy Boots and Holly Holiday get a trophy for sharing them with us, and that trophy is "Something Better" by Marianne Faithful because it's beautiful and wistful and she mentions whiskey so it's tangentially related.

The next most up-voted comment wasn't so much a drink recipe as it was aspirational lifestyle advice.

Always pack my own vodka on planes as I am also a Bloody Mary fan. It usually gets past TSA fine except for ONE TIME. Traveling from Toronto back to California. Had filled my small flask up a little too full. The agent says "Ma'am, you cannot bring a full flask of vodka on the plane." I said "Can I bring a half flask?" He was like "Um, I guess". And that is the story of the time I chugged half a flask of vodka at 10 am in the Toronto airport. The Québécois lady behind me whispered "zat eez so cool" and i was like "You bet your ass, Frenchie".

Anyway my plane Mary kit includes: (Half) flask or mini bottle of vodka, pre-skewered olives on a toothpick (garlic stuffed preferred), a teeny bottle of tabasco, movie theater sized salt and pepper packs, and a Trader Joe's beef jerky stick. Add bloody mary mix and drink with gusto.

She even tweeted me a pic of the kit, though wanted me to be clear that this is her Megabus kit, and that the plane kit has smaller portions.

Basically, Molly Sanchez is a real American hero, and her trophy is "Formation" by Queen Bey because there is literally hot sauce in her bag.

I had already featured a Bloody Mary last week, so I decided to make the next most up-voted drink this week. I also just really like the story.

When I was 17, I was flying back from a funeral in Puerto Rico and the plane went haywire with turbulence. I sat there crying, and even though I was underage (in both PR and NYC), the flight attendants gave me a free diet coke and coconut rum to calm me down. A) It did B) It was a nice gesture C) I'm still afraid of flying but I consider it some weird magic juice from my grandma and I feel kinda calm when I drink it?

I like the idea of a security drink, and I think this story is pretty sweet, as is the drink it features. It's a simple beverage to make. For the sake of authenticity, I used a little airplane bottle of coconut rum and just dumped the whole thing in. That was topped with Diet Coke, along with a little fresh lime to cut some of the sweetness.

This drink begs to be enjoyed poolside and is perfect for a lover of the sweeter, more coconutty things in life. It feels very beachy, and is thus deserving of a summery, feel-good trophy. I've been told my idea of "upbeat" music leaves something to be desired, but I've always felt this song ("Whole Wide World" by Wreckless Eric) is best enjoyed in the sun near some water.

ALRIGHT, next topic.

You know how sometimes you know something is amazing, but due to snobbery you have a hard time getting people to believe you? This is my struggle with canned Underwood Pinot Noir.

Canned wine may not seem like a good idea, but I think it tastes amazing straight from its aluminum vessel and will go to my grave shouting about it. They make it in bottles too, but I prefer the can. It not only tastes just as good (if not better), but it's much more portable and also I just like drinking from cans.

A note of caution though: each can is half a bottle, so you can very easily be like "Oh, I've only had two drinks...wait, actually I have had a bottle of wine." That's what happened here:

ANYWAY. What drinks do you have to convince people are delicious? What alcoholic truth does the world need to know about? What beverages garner the most resistance even though you know people would love them if they just gave them a chance?