RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Savory Pie Edition

I'll let you guys decide if pizza counts.
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May 11, 2016
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Hey party people, and welcome back to a salty, buttery, flaky episode of Recipe of the Week. Last week we cracked into crustaceans and blabbed about bivalves, and it made for one mouthwatering comments section. The winning comment from meowsitgoing was simple and perfect, and really let the shellfish shine.

HOT BUTTERED LOBSTER ROLLS*, HERE I COME. The season is just starting in New England and I am going to eat my weight in lobster rolls.

*Hot only. I don't want to hear about those bs-mayo-drenched-nasty cold lobster salad things. They are bad and wrong.

Now, I had never made a lobster roll of any kind before, so I wasn't totally sure how to go about it, and I apologize if I commit any faux pas, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

My grocery store didn't have any live lobster, so I grabbed a few tails. Since I knew butter had to be involved, I decided to sous vide the suckers with the butter in the bag for an hour at 134F, using this recipe as a template. (I didn't add tarragon, because it seemed counter-intuitive to the simple spirit of the lobster roll.)

When the tails were about done cooking, I spread some butter on a hot dog bun and grilled that in my cast iron skillet. Once the tails were ready, I dumped the butter in a bowl and whisked in the juice of half a lemon. I cut the tail into bite-sized pieces, and tossed them with the lemon butter to coat. All that goodness was piled into the griddled bun.

Now. At this point I think I made a mistake, because I sprinkled some chives on top. I'm not sure where I got the idea to do that, but it seemed like a good plan. However, when I went back to the original comment, I noticed that none of the lobster rolls featured had chives, so I'm sorry if I messed that up.

Either way though, this thing was freaking delicious. I had only had a mayo-dressed lobster roll before and, though I didn't dislike those, this is my new favorite, because butter is better than mayo. (Butter is better than most things, to be fair.)

Thank you, meowsitgoing, for turning me on to these babies. Your trophy is Dinosaur Jr.'s cover of "Just Like Heaven" because these things are heavenly.

Moving right along. Last week, we had a couple of requests for topics, and one of them was "savory pies."

Pretty much anything is better in a buttery pastry crust, and I don't see why fruits and sweets should get all the glory, so I want to hear all about your favorite meaty, cheesy, savory pies and tarts. Pot pies, quiches, it's all good; the only requirements here are that your recipe be: 1. Not sweet, and 2. Encased in some sort of pastry.

I guess this means pizza counts, but I feel like that might be cheating. I'll let you guys decide if pizza counts or not.