Fun fact: I recently had a dream that I was banned from my favorite bar due to a "hot dog argument."
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May 25, 2016
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Friends, loves, countrywomen: Welcome all to another thick and juicy installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week we stuffed ourselves with stuffed recipes, and there were a lot of amazing recipes.

As is the case sometimes, there was a little switcheroo in standings. When I went to make the most popular offering on Monday, this fantastic stuffed French toast recipe from torioes had the most up-votes:

Stuffed French Toast!

1. Get some couple days old challah (or toast it a bit in the oven)2. Cut in slices and soak in egg, vanilla, lots of cinnamon, almond milk and a pinch of sugar for at least 10 minutes3. Stuff Nutella/strawberries/blackberries in between two slices4. Saute in butter5. Serve with syrup/whipped cream/more berries on top (and maybe some hashbrowns as a side because yum)

Best when mildly hungover but not too hungover to cook, eaten with a bloody mary.

So that is what I made. I didn't measure anything (because I never measure unless I'm baking to be honest) and just kind of splashed everything together until it looked "right." If you need an egg-to-milk ratio, 1 large egg:1/4 cup milk of choice should do just fine. The only slight alteration I made to the instruction was frying one side of each piece (the "internal sides") before stuffing them with delicious Nutella and berries. I also fried some shredded potatoes in bacon grease for some quick and tasty hashbrowns.

I was however a little impatient to get this creation in my mouth, and I threw the whipped cream on there while the French toast was still super duper hot. Don't worry though, it still tasted amazing. (After taking another look at the original comment/photo, I see that I should have just served the whipped cream on the side. Oh well.)

Trophy time! I apologize if I've given this one out already -- it's hard to keep track! -- but I feel that torioes' sweet thing deserves "Sweet Thing" by Van Morrison:

Now, about that switcheroo. When I went back to last week's installment I saw that relentless fuckery's turducken/piecaken comment had actually climbed to the top.

I didn't have time to make either one of those delicacies, but relentless fuckery still gets an honorable mention and a trophy, and that trophy is "Mother's Little Helper," just because I've been really enjoying that song recently. (I'm also seriously considering just doing a post on inception-like foods such as these, so that will probably happen.)

Next assignment! Memorial Day is fast approaching, which means everybody will be grilling up burgers, dogs, and the other fire-grilled fare. I love a good burger, but we did that not too terribly long ago, so I'd like to turn your collective genius to the other hero of the grill: the sausage.

You don't have to limit yourself to hot dogs; brats, currywursts, and even breakfast sausages are all fair game. I'd also like to encourage you to share any strong opinions you may have about hot dog toppings, as I find that very entertaining. Fun fact: I recently had a dream that I was banned from my favorite bar due to a "hot dog argument," so hot dog topping opinions have been at the forefront of my consciousness lately.