That One Drink You Can't Get Anymore Because You Moved

Alternatively: A drink you love that you can only get in your hometown

Hello, happy weekend, and welcome back to another bubbly episode of That One Drink. Last week, we discussed our special snowflake modifications to alcoholic beverages, and I asked for you ideas on naming one of my new favorite cocktails.

The most popular comment — coming at us from Annie — was a name for the banana-scented, slightly spicy rye drink:

Recommended Name: Banana Hammock

I have to be honest, I think I recommended this, and it was shot down by Dan, who is sometimes no fun. I think it's a great name though (obviously), and deserving of a trophy, and that trophy is "Synthesizer" by the Electric Six, because Guy Perry dons said garment in the video. (He obscures the actual "banana" region with a synthesizer, but whatever.)

The next most popular comment (from bloop) wasn't really a drink recipe, but I appreciate the honesty:

If by "customize to fit your needs" you mean drinking either refrigerated or unrefrigerated wine, then yeah.... I have "that drink"

I don't think I need to tell you how to refrigerate wine, but bloop gets a trophy anyway, and it is the original, Neil Diamond version of "Red, Red Wine." (I may have given this song out before, but it's topical.)

Finally, we get to a beverage that I can actually try out, brought to us by the lovely Sweatpants4Life:

I drink various fruit and alcohol combinations all summer. They're super versatile and delicious. My favorite right now is one part peach nectar, two parts champagne (because sometimes I like to pretend to be a fancy grown up lady), and frozen watermelon cubes. It's pretty great.

Um, yes. It is pretty freaking great. It's fruity, sippable, and so easy to make. I made mine in a big ol' goblet, because things are more enjoyable in a big ol' goblet, and poured 3 ounces of peach nectar and 6 ounces of sparkling wine over frozen watermelon cubes. Hello summer.

Oh, and once you finish drinking the delicious liquid from your chalice, you have booze-infused watermelon, which is a really great thing.

(You may have noticed a can in the top picture. Underwood makes canned sparkling now, and I'm pretty pleased. You all know how I feel about cans, so I'm happy to see this addition to the family.)

It's trophy time for Sweatpants4Life, and that trophy is "Time of the Season" by The Zombies, because it factually is the time of the season for this magnificent, sparkling cocktail.

Next topic.

For the most part, I don't really miss living in Florida. I'm much too delicate for the heat, and I've really enjoyed not being perpetually sunburned. There are, however, tow things I miss about living in the Tampa Bay area, and they are:

  1. Easy access to Disney World (Epcot tbh)
  2. Bern's Steakhouse.

Try as I might, I have not been able to find a steakhouse experience that captures the old school opulence of Bern's. Not only are the steaks amazing, but their cellar contains over half a million bottles of wine, which you can go look at during the tour after dinner.

And then there is the dessert room. Located upstairs, away from the main dining area dessert is served to you in little private wine barrel-shaped rooms. They make all of their own ice cream, and choosing a sweet ending to your meal is always a struggle.

And then there are the dessert drinks, my favorite of which is the Cappuccino Butterscotch Bern's:

This long-time specialty features a marriage of our very-finely-ground, freshly-roasted coffee marinated in Kahlúa and flavored liqueurs for an average of ten weeks. Your cappuccino is topped with a float of vanilla cream and finely-ground coffee.

I miss it so, and it is one of the few beverages that makes me slightly regret moving every once in a while.

So what I want to know is what drinks you pine for, but are unable to attain because you have moved to a different part of the country, continent, or globe. If you've never moved anywhere, just tell me a regional specialty beverage you would miss, if you ever did happen to move.