RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Regional Pride Edition

Take two!

Hello, happy eaters, and welcome back to another mouthwatering installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week, talked about those meals we make just for ourselves, because we are awesome and we deserve it.

The winner, brought to us by JP, was absolutely glorious, and everything an indulgent meal for one should be.

I love a good night alone. Even though I love to cook, my favorite alone meal is as follows: -Fresh, crusty, yet squishy bread. -Cheese. Maybe some brie, a nice sharp cheddar---and perhaps some really good butter.-Red ripe strawberries, maybe some grapes.-If I'm feeling carnivorous, a few slices of pepper turkey or something else that I paid way too much for at the deli counter.-A bar of dark chocolate. I'd like to say my favorite is some 90% cacao, ethically conscious and super heart healthy nonsense. It is not. I like Cadbury dark chocolate, the American kind. Whatever, it's delicious. -Chardonnay. I buy the big bottle because sometimes the regular size does not seem to be enough. No shame.

This is all enjoyed in front of the TV, sans pants, watching some girly shit that my boyfriend would never want to watch.

I was freaking thrilled that this won, because a mess of fancy cheeses, meats, and fruit is one of my top 5 meals. The best thing about this type of dinner is its "choose your own adventure" spirit. I chose a brie-like soft cheese, a Gorgonzola, some fancy roast beef and prosciutto, and grapes. It was glorious.

Unfortunately, my grocery store didn't have Cadbury chocolate, so I grabbed a bar with sea salt, because that stuff is delicious.

For the Chardonnay, I went with a bottle of Josh, because I love a bottle of wine with the name of an average white guy, and I love its tropical, citrus-y flavor.

Oh, and I consumed this delightful spread while watching Grace & Frankie, which seemed extremely appropriate.

JP's comment earns her high marks and a trophy and that trophy is "You Don't Know How it Feels" by Tom Petty, because I have been on a huge Tom Petty kick recently, and just might be in love with him. (Like, is it just me, or is he extremely attractive in this video?)

Moving on.

This week, we're doing a reader requested topic. It's one we've done before, but it's a really fun one, so I don't mind revisiting it one little bit. (It's also been like a year, so it's possible that a lot of you didn't get to play last time.)

What I want is your favorite hometown meal, your local delicacy, that one dish that nowhere else in the world gets exactly right. For me, it's fried catfish. I cannot find good catfish outside of the south. I definitely haven't found it in Portland, as Portland seems only capable of producing a caricature of southern cuisine, rather than the cuisine itself. (To be fair, I have not yet been Mae, so I haven't given up all hope.)

When I recently expressed my desire for catfish, someone tried to tell me that there was a place with "good BBQ catfish" and I may have given a look that was unnecessarily withering.

Anyway. If you would be so kind as to share your favorite local meal, I would be much obliged. I am still very interested in Garbage Plates. Also any Scottish food, if I have any Scottish readers out there.