RECIPE OF THE WEEK: The Meal You Cook for You and Only You Because You Deserve It

I think I'll be having a Claire Only Steak Night at least twice a month from now on.
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July 6, 2016
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Hey babies and bibbles, and welcome back to another crispy-crunchy episode of Recipe of the Week. Last week, we talked about the potluck staples we bring to wow the world, and the winner, which was brought to us by Yvette Regrets, was certainly easy to execute:

I think a box of fried chicken and a gallon of daiquiris is the perfect thing to bring to every potluck.

This isn't technically a recipe, but I have been feeling quite lazy, so buying so fried chicken and calling it a day was just what the imaginary doctor ordered. (I say "imaginary doctor" because I do not currently have a primary healthcare provider.) In an effort to "try," I put it on a plate before shoveling it in my mouth.

People can get very particular about their fried chicken, but I almost always have success buying it at the grocery store or gas station. In fact, my top two fried chicken places of all time are the gas station in my home town in Mississippi and Publix. I do miss Publix so.

In terms of the "gallon of daiquiris," I wasn't sure if you meant a gallons worth of the classic rum/lime/sugar concoction or one of those giant bucket daiquiri situations. Either way, I did not feel up to drinking a whole gallon of daiquiris by myself. Actually, I didn't feel like making a daiquiri, so I had someone else make one for me.

Like I said, I'm feeling quite lazy.

So even though it wasn't a recipe, it was a very good suggestion, and Yvette Regrets gets a trophy for her very good suggestion, and that trophy is my favorite song that features a chicken (because of all the chicken talk).

Moving right along.

As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have been having a bit of trouble cooking for one. When I was grocery shopping with another human in mind, his preferences would influence the shopping list, and knowing someone else would have to eat what I bought kind of kept me in check. Now, it's almost like I have too much freedom, and I sometimes become paralyzed with indecision and come home with a truly random assortment of items that don't really go together.

The other day though, I was very much feeling myself and my singleness, and I really embraced my newfound grocery store freedom. It was a Friday, I think, and I suddenly just really wanted a steak and some wine so I walked over to New Seasons and bought a rib eye, a bottle of Malbec, a salad from the salad bar, a Diet Coke, and a pint of ice cream, because I wanted all of those things and I deserved all of those things.

It appears to be idgaf o'clock

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It was a real "treat yo'self" moment, and it made me ridiculously happy. In fact, I think I'll be having a Claire Only Steak Night at least twice a month from now on, since I can and I want to.

So what I want from you is your favorite meal to make for you and only you when you want to treat yourself right and make yourself happy. Actually, it doesn't have to be an entire meal. It can be a snack, or just dessert, or a bowl of popcorn, just whatever it is you make for you because you are awesome.