That One Drink That Is a Perfect Punch

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July 30, 2016
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Greetings and salutations and welcome back to another cold and crisp installment of That One Drink. Last week we thought pink and shared our favorite rose-colored beverages.

The most popular comment was brought to us by Sweatpants4Life:

I also enjoyed the comments that followed, so I will provide the whole discussion:

Sweatpants4Life: * shamefully wispers * I like pink wine

lady_stardust67: my husband loves a sparking rosé. LOVES. So much so that his former boss always has a bottle of it for when we come over for the holidays.

Sweatpants4Life: I love it too. I put frozen maraschino cherries in it.

lady_stardust67: ohh that sounds delicious.

Firstly, dear Sweatpants, there is no shame in your pink wine game, even sweet pink wine. I actually had a sparkling rosé the other night that was the ultimate in effervescent refreshment. So hold your head high and drink your maraschino-studded beverage and drink deeply, dear Sweatpants.

I know I talked briefly about pink wine last week, but I'm not mad at an excuse to drink more. I'm currently visiting my aunt (and her four lovely children) in Colorado for a little birthday vacation. (It's my 30th soon and we're going to see The National at Red Rocks. I am stoked.)

"Do you happen to have any pink wine?" I asked her after reading last week's comments.

"In the beverage fridge, next to the La Croix," she replied, proving that we are very much related.

I was pretty happy with what I found in said beverage fridge. This particular rosé was quite dry, but still a bit fruity, like tart strawberries. I liked sipping it on its own, but it would pair well with any kind of seafood, chicken, pasta, or — ya know — food that isn't steak or ribs or something.

Pink wine always deserves a trophy, and today it is "Baby We'll Be Fine" by The National because I'm seeing them Sunday and can't think of anything else.

Moving right along! As I mentioned above, I am turning 30 soon — next Friday, to be exact — and I am planning a pretty sweet party, complete with a whole roasted pig and a big bowl of punch.

My grandmother gave me a beautiful punch bowl some time back, and I've only used it once. I tried to make a punch on a whim for a friend's birthday but added a bit too much vodka. I say "punch," but it was really just Sprite and vodka, with some limeade or something. (It was a while ago.) It tasted fine to me, but when I asked for a second opinion, I was informed that I "had no taste buds" and my "punch" just "tasted like burning."

Anyway. This time will be different and very special and fancy. I'm pretty sure I'm going with something gin-based, with some vermouth, a rhubarb shrub, some peach simple syrup, and sparkling wine, perhaps a sparkling rosé.

I am, of course, open to suggestions, so please give me your favorite punch recipes. I mean, really any large-format cocktail will do. I just need something to get a crowd buzzed.