That One Drink That Is Pink

Drink the pink.
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July 23, 2016
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Hey, drinking buddies, and welcome back to another cold and fizzy installment of That One Drink. Last week we cracked open a few cold ones and talked about summery beers, and I dare say that the winner — brought to our collective attention by emann — is my new favorite.

Y'all, I always just lurk and never comment, but you need to hear the gospel truth. I'm a sour/gose/saison fan when it's hot out (something just seems WRONG about heavier beer in the summer), and this summer I discovered Oakshire's cucumber berliner weisse. It's like they distilled a sunny afternoon boating at the lake into a can. (But my boyfriend prefers the Stiegl grapefruit radler, and I will concede that it is also delicious.)

When I first read this comment, I was cautiously excited. Back in Florida, my go-to sunny beer was a cucumber sour that Cigar City put out every summer, and I have been missing that bottle real bad. "Could this be my new cucumber lover?" "Would Beermongers have it?" and "Will I be happy once more?" were the questions that danced through my mind as I traipsed to the bottle shop on a dreary Friday morning.

Because beer distribution is kinda shifty, I wasn't really expecting to find this beverage at the shop, but I did and I am thrilled.

Not only is this beer delightfully tart and absolutely blasted with fresh cucumber flavor, but there is a delightful taste of melon at the end, rounding it out and making it infinitely drinkable. EVEN BETTER, it comes in a can, which fits neatly into my campaign to make 2016 the Summer of the Canned Beverage.

I was so thrilled, I took the can to my nearest rose garden and did a little photo shoot. Some dude saw me and was like "such a pretty garden" but seemed confused about the inclusion of the beer in the photos. I did not explain, because I am trying to cultivate an air of mystery with the neighbors.

I'm basically in love with this beer, so emann's trophy is a love song. (It's also one of my favorite music videos of all time.)

Adrien Brody's greatest role, to be quite honest.

Anyway. Let's order another drink.

Last night, I was scrolling through my own Instagram — a dude I think is cute followed me, so I was trying to judge myself through his eyes, which is a cool, healthy habit — and I was struck by how many pink drinks I consume. I don't know if I'm just drawn to the color, but I drink pink quite often.

Macerated berry cubes+gin+Campari+la croix

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Tiny hands. Big drinks.

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Gonna tackle this

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Know that "pink" does not always mean "sweet." Campari and soda is pink, and that stuff is decidedly bitter. Rosé is pink, and some of them are sweet, but there are quite a few dry ones, like this offering from SIMI.

This is my favorite kind of rosé. It's dry, acidic, and vaguely fruity. If I were to try and identify which fruits I'm tasting here, I'd say it's mostly strawberries and cherries, but not overly ripe ones. In short, it's the perfect pink drink for sipping on a porch while eating half a pound of prosciutto by oneself, which is the perfect summertime supper.

What is your favorite pink drink? Is it sweet? Is it dry? Bonus points if you know of a good pink beer. I haven't found one of those yet.