RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Magical Mushrooms

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August 24, 2016
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Hey, cats and kittens, and welcome back to another juicy installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week, we spoke many words about many birds, and a cozy classic emerged victorious.

We'll get to the recipe in a moment, but the most popular comment was not a recipe, but a very clever comment that made me laugh in a way that was very loud.

Swan is old news, I always serve peacock at my dinner parties.

I enjoy a clever comment, and I enjoy dinner parties, so this comment gets a trophy, and that trophy is "I'm a Cuckoo" because birds and stuff.

But back to the recipe, submitted by valued ROTW community member emerald_bunny:

I'm going to submit a recipe from when Jamie Oliver just became a thing, ~15 years ago. My mom and I saw this recipe in an episode of his show and wrote it down. I never saw it on any of his websites and nowadays I am not even sure it's his recipe and how much we changed during the years, but it's the best roast chicken ever.

Ahem, so. You need:

- one chicken, size of your choosing- couple of sprigs of fresh herbs (I prefer thyme and rosemary), finely chopped- knob of butter- few slices of prosciutto- lemon

Separate the breast skin from the meat with your fingers, very carefully so you don't break it. Leave the middle connected. Salt the chicken inside and out. Zest some of your lemon. Finely chop up prosciutto and herbs you're using and mix them and lemon zest with your butter until you get a paste. Stuff it under the breast skin, then pat it from the outside until it's evenly distributed. Slice your lemon and put it inside the chicken with some herbs. Tie the legs and rub the chicken with a little bit olive oil. Roast on 350 until done. It'll be amazing, I promise.

I recommend making rosemary potatoes with it (you can add a little bit of white whine in them while they're roasting). It's not haute cuisine, more like a Sunday family meal, but it's so good. Plus you can eat leftovers for days in sandwiches and make broth out of the carcass. I love roasted chicken for it's versatility.

Well...that was my Martha Stewart moment. If you'll excuse me...

ETA: I forgot! You're also supposed to make a couple of deep cuts in the thickest part of each chicken leg and stuff it with the butter mixture. Very important because you want all the flavoring on the legs too.

As I mentioned last week, I love any recipe that features prosciutto, and this one did not disappoint. I pretty much followed emerald_bunny's instructions exactly, but I did get kind of hack-y and tied the chicken's legs up using its own skin, an act that becomes a million times creepier when you type it out.

Anyway. I roasted that thing at 375˚F for about an hour, and it came out gloriously.

Crispy skin for daaaaays.

The most succulent of legs!

This, as mentioned by the OP, is a very comforting, homey dish that is perfect for a relaxing supper at home. Also perfect for a relaxing supper at home? The song "Come Monday Night" by God Help the Girl (the original Catherine Ireton version).

Next topic.

Last week, someone said something about how they wished for a more vegetarian-friendly ROTW, and someone else said something about mushrooms, so naturally I got excited about a mushroom-focused week.

If I had to pick a favorite vegetable — besides the potato — it would be the mushroom. Not only do they have great umami flavor, but they are substantial enough to be the focus of a main course. There are also just so many of them! (Also, my sister is afraid of mushrooms, which adds an extra element of fun.)

So obviously what I want from you is your favorite way to eat above-ground basidiocarps. Bonus points if you include more than one type of shroom.