That One Drink You've Trained Yourself to Like

I have the unique ability to will myself to like things, especially alcoholic things.
Publish date:
May 14, 2016
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Hey, fellow imbibers, and welcome back to another stiff installment of That One Drink. Last week we talked about our new ethanolic obsessions, and the winner (brought to us by Lululoser) was a very fancy, very tasty beverage.

So, in our house we've recently been on a gin kick, and the latest fabulous discovery, recommended by a friend, is the Ramos Gin Fizz (which I found out is just the main kind of gin fizz, everything else is a variation on it). It involves a LOT of shaking, so you really can't drink alone with this one — you'll get too tired. You can find the recipe anywhere but it's basically 2 oz gin, 0.5 oz each lemon and lime juice, 0.5 oz heavy cream, .75 oz simple syrup and an egg white, and then some orange flower liqueur. Shake on ice for literally as long as you can stand it, I think it's supposed to be like 7 minutes or something, but my hands get too cold, hence the need to drink with a friend so I can pass the shaker. Then add club soda. It is so refreshing and fragrant and frothy... plus there's the upside that you can call it the John Stamos Gin Fizz if you're like me and you're matching your drinks to your Netflix binges.

Personally, I'm a big fan of changing the name permanently to "John Stamos Gin Fizz," because who the heck is "Ramos" anyway?

I wouldn't say this was the "easiest" drink I've ever made, but all of that measuring and shaking was definitely worth it. This was basically a lighter, fresher, alcoholic Orange Julius, and if you are not here for that, I don't know what you could possibly be here for. For something that has both heavy cream and egg white, it was insanely airy and drinkable. If you need a new drink this summer, consider incorporating this into your hot-weather plans. Lululoser's trophy is "I'll Come Running" by Brian Eno, because I would come running to get one of these delicious beverages.

Moving right along. I have the unique ability to will myself to like things, especially alcoholic things. When I was in college, I didn't like whiskey. Then someone was like "Oh, you seem like the type of person that would like whiskey," and I was like "Yeah, that's absolutely true." So I just drank a bunch of whiskey gingers, gradually decreasing the ginger until I was just drinking whiskey.

The rest, as they say, is history.

But now I have a new challenge. I happen to be hanging out with someone who works at a mezcal bar, and I've never been particularly *into* mezcal. Obviously this must be remedied.

As luck would have it, the very nice people at Mezcal El Silencio recently offered to send me a bottle (along with a jar of Jacobsen ghost chili salt) so I have plenty of mezcal to practice. I could have made a margarita, but I've been feeling pretty lazy recently, so I just did some shots with my friend Chris, rimming the glasses with the chili salt, which was an excellent idea. I will say this: I liked this mezcal more than most tequila. It was smoky, slightly sweet, and almost funky. Definitely interesting enough to sip on its own, but it would make a pretty good cocktail.

So I'm on the road to liking mezcal, which is great, because having a friend at the mezcal bar means drinking mezcal, and I'd hate to be a punk. So now I want to hear from you: what drink did you train yourself to like? Conversely, which drink do you wish you could train yourself to like? Or just tell me what beverage you want to explore and get to know a bit better.