RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Frosty Frozen Treats

It's hotter than balls here.

Hello fellow food enthusiasts, and welcome back to Recipe of the Week. Last week we got fresh and flirty with sultry salads, and the winning bowl of goodness from Platypus Jones spoke to my heart and my stomach.

Panzanella is the china white of salads. All you really need are tomatoes and old bread. I like to take a baguette and cube it, throw in a skillet with some oil oil and toast slightly while generously sprinkling with herbs. Then just slice up the tomatoes and throw in a bowl with your skillet croutons. Drench in more olive oil and let the flavors meld at room temp for an hour or so. It is magnificent. And you can throw in anything else you like. Boiled eggs, balsamic vinegar, red onion. I eat this several times a week during our hot Charleston summers.


I actually had a little loaf of bread leftover from a Blue Apron meal I never got around to making, so I cubed that up and threw it in my skillet with some rosemary, oregano, and thyme.

I let that get all nice and toasty, then did what Platypus told me to and tossed with tomatoes, olive oil, some capers, onion, balsamic, a little parm, and hard-cooked duck eggs.

What a filling and fancy, yet super easy dish. Chewy bread and juicy tomatoes are a great base for building on, and the variations on this are almost endless. I'm always looking for more ways to put tomatoes in my mouth, so this salad and I will definitely be seeing a lot of each other over the next few months.

Platypus Jones must be rewarded for this stellar recommendation, and her trophy is "San Francisco" by Foxygen, because both this panzanella and this song are well-suited for summer.

Continuing on. I don't know what it's like where you are, but it is hot as freaking balls here in Portland. The good news is that I purchased an air conditioner. The bad news is that it is not here yet. It should be here on Thursday, just in time for it to cool back down again. To cope, I've been hanging out with people that have air conditioning, and eating frozen things.


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Not that it has to be hot out to enjoy ice cream and other frozen treats. I enjoy ice cream all year long. Here's a pic of me eating ice cream in December.

Have you ever heard of such dedication to ice cream eating?

When the weather is fine

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Anyway. Frozen treats are awesome, and I want to hear your favorites. Ice pops, milkshakes, frozen fruits, sorbet, granitas, and (of course) ice cream are all viable options. I have an ice cream maker, so don't hold back.