Really, what food isn't improved by the presence of a perfectly cooked egg?
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March 24, 2016
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Hey happy campers, and welcome back to yet another rich and filling episode of Recipe of the Week. Last week, we got hot and spicy with all of your deliciously seasoned, just-hot-enough fare.

The winner, brought to us by Cat Kel, was sweet, spicy, and poignant:

So my recipe has a weird story behind it. My grandfather was famous for his brined spicy porkchops. I thought it'd be nice to make it for his wake, but I misread the amount of cayenne in it. He called for 4 tablespoons, but I thought it said 14. It was spicy in the most embarrassing way possible, and we cried while we ate.

Spicy Apple Vinegar Chops:

2 cups vinegar 1 cup water 1/2 cup maple syrup 4 (or 14) tbsp of cayenne Bone in pork chops (double cut if you wanna feel like a caveman) Salt Pepper A bay leaf

Brine overnight, cook.

The flavors, they are all there.

The directions on how exactly to "cook" these brined babies were a little vague, so I went with The Kitchn's "sear then oven finish method." Just preheat the oven with a skillet of some sort inside and, once the oven is nice and hot (carefully) remove the skillet and sear one side of the chops until golden brown. Flip and pop the whole thing back in the oven. Cook for another 7 minutes or so.

These chops were everything they promised to be: sweet and tangy with just the right amount of heat. Now, keep in mind that I only used 4 tablespoons of cayenne, not 14, so there is room for growth, heat-wise.

Oh, and I also had some white and yellow carrots that needed to be used, so I made a quick carrot/cuke/onion slaw to crown these juicy chops, and sprinkled a bit more cayenne on there for good measure.

Cat Kel gets a trophy for sharing her recipe, yes, but that story really gave me a lot of feelings. Maybe it's because my own grandfather's death was really hard on me, but I appreciate the poignant sense of humor this comment embodies. For that reason, Cat Kel's trophy is "Farther Along," which was sung at my grandfather's funeral and still makes me tear up.

And now we must move on to the next topic.

I have long thought that eggs are perhaps the most perfect food. They have protein, vitamins, and delicious, delicious yolk, making every meal they touch a richer, more enjoyable experience.

Really, what food isn't improved by the presence of a perfectly cooked egg, be they poached, fried with crispy edges, or soft-boiled? Burgers, rice bowls, pretty much any sandwich, piping hot bowls or ramen or pho, all of these things are taken to a better place with the addition of an egg.

Eggs also make for a great main. I mean, the internet is obsessed with perfectly scrambled eggs for a reason. Scrambles, omelettes, frittatas, and quiches are things I'll eat morning, noon, and night, such is my love for eggs.

So tell me, dear readers, what is your favorite way to eat eggs?