That One Drink You Always Get While Flying

In what do you imbibe while in the sky?
Publish date:
February 26, 2016
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Oh hey, party people, and welcome back to That One Drink (#T1D, on the socs). I really have to start out commending you guys on a most excellent thread last week. Your "Drinks Born Out of Desperation" were top notch, and there was way more Gatorade than I was expecting.

The winning drink was a saucy little minx from 1nonblonde called "get naked juice." Getting naked is a message I can fully get behind, as is this creative mixture of liquids and flavors.

My mom calls this get naked juice, bumpy face gin (seagrams, upgrade to Bombay sapphire when you get your shit together) pink lemonade, mountain dew and ice. Good for house parties and trips to the mall.

That reminds me, I really need to up my "drinking at the mall" game, because the only thing better than shopping for bath bombs at Lush is shopping for bath bombs at Lush while drunk.

For this beverage, I chose a very special piece of glassware: My Emily McDowell mug:

I deviated slightly from the recipe in regards to gin. I had just made a bunch for another article so I figured this was a good use for it. I was right.

I added two ounces of my gin, an ounce and a half of lemonade, and topped it with Mountain Dew. It's a sweet drink, but surprisingly drinkable, and could get you arrested at the mall if you're not careful. I'm not even a huge fan of Mountain Dew, and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it went down. Snaps all around. Also a trophy. (Sorry about the super obvious song choice, 1nonblonde, but you have to know it was coming.)

Next drink!

Last Monday, I made my way from cool and cloudy Oregon to warm, sunny Florida to visit some friends who just had (identical!) twin girls. Even though I've flown twice a year since I was six, I'm still not a huge fan of it, though I do love drinking in airport bars and on planes. (People are just so honest in airport bars; they'll tell you all sorts of things!)

I mean, you are enjoying alcohol while flying through the sky. How amazing is that? It's what makes air travel bearable for me, to be quite honest. I'm a creature with some habits, so my order is always the same: Bloody Mary Mix, whatever gin they have, a couple of lime wedges.

During my most recent flight, the flight attendants had to return to their seats mid beverage service, so they gave us an extra bottle of gin for free. In addition to that stroke of fate, the man sitting next to me paid for the beverage, and he didn't even make me talk to him awkwardly! He just said "I'll get hers to," paid the woman, and went back to his book about dogs. He is officially the best person I have ever met on a plane.

Anyway. Obviously what I want to know is what beverages you enjoy while traveling through the sky. I'll also accept drinks consumed on trains, boats, and buses. (Oh, and did you see this science about why so many people love tomato juice while flying? Apparently cabin noise can increase the perceived intensity of umami. What a world!)