That One Drink That You Customize to Fit Your Needs

You are special and you deserve a special drink.
Publish date:
June 18, 2016
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Hey pretty babies, and welcome back to another stirred, not shaken installment of That One Drink. (Actually, that's not totally fair; one of the drinks featured is shaken.) Anyway. Last week we talked about those adult beverages that makes us feel, well, adult.

I liked the winning comment (brought to us by Tori) for two reasons:

1. The gin gimlet is very tasty and refreshing and perfect for summer.

2. It was complimentary towards my appearance.

While it's true that a gimlet isn't particularly complicated, I think there's an elegance to its simplicity that makes it feel particularly refined and grown up. To make one, simply combine 2.5 ounces of gin with 0.5 ounces of fresh lime juice and 0.5 ounces of simple syrup. Shake with ice, pour into a coupe or lowball over more ice (up is fine too though if the glass is chilled) and garnish with a lime wheel.

Drink on a porch or something.

Trophy time. A grown-up feeling beverage deserves a grown-up feeling song, and I always feel very grown-up when I'm listening to "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" by Richard and Linda Thompson, so that shall be Tori's trophy. (It's also just a really good "going out to drink" song.)

I believe it's time for your next assignment, which is inspired by Tori's winning comment, particularly the part where she talks about going rogue and ordering outside of the confines of the menu.

I do a lot of that.

It's no secret that I have a regular bar that I hang out at more than I should. As such, I'm pretty familiar with the menu, both past and present iterations of it, and will sometimes order things that no longer technically exist. I really only do this to Dan, the bar manager, because they're mostly all his drinks anyway and he doesn't seem to mind, at least not enough to ask me to quit visiting his fine establishment.

Sometimes, Dan will be nice enough to share a cocktail that is still "under development" and ask for my feedback, which is a lot of fun for me. Such was the case with the following beverage, which has banana liqueur and mole bitters and no name. (So if you think of a name for a delightful, surprisingly tropical yet stiff cocktail featuring those flavors, leave it in the comments!) I call it the "Banana Thing," but that's not very snappy.

"The Unnamed Banana Thing" by Daniel Casto of Double Dragon



Stir everything together over ice in a mixing class and strain into a coupe. Garnish with an orange twist.

I will be honest: I have never made one of these for myself, because I don't have all of those fancy bottles at home, and I'd rather have someone else make it for me.

A version of this drink, called the "Torch Song," actually exists on the menu now at Double Dragon, but the banana liqueur has been swapped out for Benedictine. I understand the choice -- Benedictine is more accessible than banana liqueur -- but I'm going to keep ordering the banana version, because I think I'm special and that the rules of the menu do not apply to me.

So now what I want from you is the one drink you customize to suit your special snowflake needs. What do you order when you order "off the menu"? What swaps, subs, or omissions do you make to common cocktails?