The Cinnamon Bun Oreos Are an Absolute Triumph

Basically, Oreo nailed it.
Publish date:
January 25, 2016
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When I was an angsty teen, my mother and I had a Sunday morning tradition. We would go to the mall, buy something frivolous (bath beads at Bath & Body or a band shirt at Hot Topic) and split a warm, gooey Cinnabon with a carton of whole milk.

As such, cinnamon buns hold a very special place in my heart, and I was almost afraid to try the Cinnamon Bun Oreos, lest they tarnish the pastry's good name.

Luckily, these treats are an absolute triumph and—unless you are allergic to cinnamon like my sister is—you should purchase them and treasure them and eat them and then purchase them again.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about the Complete Cinnamon Bun Oreo Experience, from beginning to end.

First, I see they brought the tab back! Though the tab makes the side cookies hard to get to, it does make the package easier to re-close, and it does keep them fresher a bit longer. (Side question: Is "side cookie" slang for something? I feel like it should be.)

Once you pull that tab back to reveal the magical contents inside, you are greeted with the inviting aroma of cinnamon and pure, cloying, icing-like sweetness, not unlike the Cinnabon-occupied corner of the Glendale Galleria. (Missing: the faint waft of food court "pan-Asian" chicken.)

Like all good Special Edition Oreos, they didn't just change the creme filling, they transformed the wafer as well. This cookie is (obviously) cinnamon-flavored, but there's also a bready, somewhat bland quality to it, like a roll you would pop out of a tube. (Word to Pillsbury.)

My only criticism is that there could be just a bit more cinnamon, but I really like cinnamon. Overall, good effort, and I appreciate the little flecks that show us, visually, that they made changes to the cookie.

Now, about this creme. What we are dealing with here is a completely new texture. It's creamier, it's fluffier, it's less greasy. Gone are the days where the cream only sticks to one side of the cookie sandwich. If relationships were dictated by Oreos (as they were in my youth), the family unit as we know it would fall apart.

I tried to remove the filling in a single puck, but the whipped consistency made that impossible.

So the texture is on another level, but how is the flavor?

It's fantastic. Basically, it tastes like ooey-gooey Cinnabon icing, only it's a solid (or maybe a gel, technically). There's also a lot of it, which is always nice. Basically, Oreo nailed it.

Are they better than a regular Oreo? I would rank them the same. I love them that much. They may not have the warmth and softness of a cinnamon roll, but no one expected them to. They're Oreos, and they are delicious.