No One Freak Out but Cat Bars Are the New Cat Cafes

Wine + cats = the purr-fect pairing. (Sorry.)
Publish date:
June 10, 2016
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Cat lovers rejoice! It looks like cat bars are going to become a definite "thing," and it's all thanks to one heroic woman. According to Eater Sana Hamelin is a real paws-itive force in the cat community:

Cat lady extraordinaire Sana Hamelin is a woman on a mission. After a successful year and a half in the Berkeley neighborhood operating the Denver Cat Company, the third cat cafe in the United States, she's ready to take things to a new level. "Many of our guests want to come in at night and have a glass of wine with friends at the cafe, so it makes sense that we'll give them a cat bar," Hamelin said. "I want this to be the first one in America. We'll have evening hours, a bar-like environment, and, of course, cats and wine," she added.

Cats and wine, you guys. Cats AND Wine. Wine AND Cats. These are all things that are good. There isn't a location yet, but there is a Kickstarter. Though I don't live in Denver, I'll probably still donate, for the good of the realm. I've actually been to a cat cafe that served beer and wine (and meowmosas) and it was an amazing experience. They don't have evening hours though.

If you think about it, this is a great idea. Cats are nocturnal, and are therefore better suited to a bar than a cafe. (Cats and I have this in common.) In addition to being a really awesome place to hang out, the cat bar will double as an adoption center. According to the Kickstarter, the benefits are many:

  • More cats will find their human; you'll help deserving cats find a new life.
  • Wine!
  • More people will have access to kitty time in a much more social environment.
  • Play Exploding Kittens while enjoying a beer with your friends and watching cats zoom around you!
  • People who can't have cats in their homes can get quality kitty time after work hours and in a place where they can meet other cat people.
  • No cover charge!
  • Did we mention wine?
  • People who may not have had the opportunity to experience the awesomeness of cats will be able to do so and participate in the city's fantastic nightlife all at the same time!
  • More adoptions!
  • You get great rewards and help create cat history, (catstory)!

I really only have one question: If you get drunk and try to adopt a cat, do they let you do it right then? Or is there some sort of "come back tomorrow when you're sober" type of policy? Though waking up to a random cat is much better than waking up to a random dude, I still think finding a surprise pet might make for a slightly awkward morning. (On the flipside, can you imagine how dickish you would feel if you took the cat back? Now that would be a walk of real shame.)

Other than that, I have no concerns. For anybody worried about food safety issues, rest assure that the cats will not be in the kitchen, so your food and beverage will be hair-free.

Are you as excited about this idea as I am? Have you been to a cat cafe? Can you think of anything more heavenly?