That One Fizzy, Bubbly Drink That Feels Extra Festive

Publish date:
August 6, 2016
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Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another cold, crisp, and refreshing installment of That One Drink. Last week we talked about those large-format drinks that are best enjoyed by the (punch) bowlful, and the winning comment is a summery British classic.

Pimms forever and always. Mix Pimms, lemonade, mint and sliced fruit. Drink in the sunshine. Helps if you are British but it is not compulsory.

I've only ever had a Pimm's cup once before, with a beautiful Brit you may be familiar with, and I'm not sure why I haven't made a habit of them.

In my opinion, the beauty of the Pimm's cup is that it is super easy to make and super easy to customize. As instructed, I started with a cup of delicious seasonal chopped fruit, along with some fresh mint.

Then I added two ounces of Pimm's and topped it all off with some fizzy lemonade, stirring gently to combine.

(Note: Though paper straws make for a pretty picture, I feel compelled to tell you that they are made of lies and get all mushy and gross and I hate them.)

Anyway. You will note that I didn't make an entire big batch of it, but a single glass, but do not worry, I will be making a huge bowl of it for my birthday party to share with many friends, and I am looking forward to it.

This summer-in-a-glass concoction is sure to be a hit, and thus deserving of a trophy. That trophy is "Loving Cup" by The Rolling Stones because it's kind of punny and also because my birthday party playlist is like, 80 percent Stones.

Speaking of birthday celebrations, I spent the last evening of my 20s at my favorite bar, where I was served many delightful beverages, two of which were sparkling.

I don't drink a ton of sparkling wine on its own — I don't dislike it or anything, it just doesn't happen a whole lot — but I looooooove a bubbly cocktail.

I actually don't know what was in the bubbly beverage I enjoyed Thursday evening (it was toward the end of my evening, to be completely honest), but I remember feeling very festive while sipping on it. I also remember nutmeg.

Whether it's a mimosa, a spritz, or a simple Kir Royale, a glass of something sparkling makes everything feel a bit more special. So (obviously) what I want from you is your favorite bubbly cocktails. There are no real rules here, only that there be some carbonation, so let's pop some bottles.