RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Build Your Best Breakfast Sandwich

All hail the BE&C.
Publish date:
January 20, 2016
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Well. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Because you effing BLEW IT OUT OF THE PARK last week. Last week's Recipe of the Week was an utter triumph of veggie love, and the winning recipe from earthsunandstar was a satisfying trifecta of flavor, nourishment, and comfort.

For me, personally, comfort food has to have three main elements: 1) easy to make; 2) butter; and 3) warmth.

Slice mushrooms however you like, a whole carton full, and saute them in 2 T. of unsalted butter. Add some diced shallots if available. Salt generously, and pepper, too. Once the mushrooms begin browning (don't crowd the mushrooms or Julia Child will haunt your kitchen!), splash in something. Red wine is probably best, or sherry vinegar. Other options: white wine, balsamic vinegar. Let your mushrooms get all delicious, to your preference.

Get a fancy loaf of hearty bread and cut yourself some thick slices. Toast well, and butter into oblivion. Cover each piece of toast with the mushrooms. Spoon all of the mushrooms on top. Eat greedily, as if you haven't eaten in weeks.

I started with a variety of white mushrooms, creminis, and shiitakes, along with a shallot.

Then I let those mofos get to know each other in some butter. Meanwhile, I buttered and toasted some thick slices of baguette.

I was already drinking a can of Underwood Pinot, so that got splashed in there.

Then BAM. Lunch was served.

I took a bite and exclaimed "oh, fuck yeah!" Then I ate the whole plate and drank more wine from a can while watching half an episode of Narcos. It was a very enjoyable meal. Since this dish contains, and goes very well with, red wine, earthsunandstar's trophy is "Red, Red Wine," by -- not UB40, oh no -- but by the man who wrote and originally performed the song, Neil Diamond. (I just recently found out that Neil Diamond wrote this song, to be completely honest, and I've been obsessed with the original version ever since.)

Now we must leave the land of comforting plant matter and journey onward to realm of the most perfect food in the world: the breakfast sandwich. From the iconic Egg McMuffin to the grilled cheese egg-in-a-hole I made that one time, no sandwich delights my taste buds and hugs my stomach quite like various breakfast foods between some sort of bread (breakfast, toast, bagels, even pancakes, there are so many good options).

I think you understand your task, but if you need some inspiration, let these photos get your creative juices flowing.

I'm very certain you get the idea. To say I am excited to see what you do would be like me saying "I have some opinions about Oreos." In other words: a great understatement. Anyway, do your damnedest. Just make it breakfast-y.