RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Bird Is the Word

Which fowl is finest?
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August 17, 2016
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Hello, party people, and welcome back to another sticky and slightly messy Recipe of the Week. Last week, you shared a bunch of glorious birthday cakes, all of which were equal parts festive and delicious.

The winning cake — brought to us by esteemed reader GreyEagle — was a celebration of sugary joy.

Pinata cakes are fun! My kids think it's pretty magical when their cake barfs up a bunch of candy.

Instructions on how to construct this magical, puking cake were found in a later comment:

It's easy! You just bake a layer cake with at least 3 layers- then use a cup or something to cut out the centre of the middle layer(s), and as you're assembling the cake, fill the hole with an assortment of whatever candy you want (non sticky works best, like m&ms or chocolate chips or whatever). Then just frost as usual :)

"Frost as usual," she said casually, as if frosting were some easily manipulated substance and not, in fact, the edible equivalent of cling wrap. Hi, have I mentioned I am bad at frosting?

In terms of flavor, the whole internet was at my disposal, so I went back to the chocolate cake that won the chocolate challenge, because it was delicious and perfect and why eff with delicious perfection?

I did change the frosting, however, and whipped up a marscapone buttercream instead of the usual chocolate ganache. (Note: It is really important to let the butter come to room temp. I did not because I'm very impatient, and I had issues because, again, bad at frosting.)

Anyway. The cakes were baked, then stacked.

Then filled.

Then topped and frosted in a less-than-visually-pleasing manner.


To cover my shame, I piled on another layer of frosting and threw some candy on there to distract the eye, but then...disaster.

I ran out of gummy bears I am going to kill something

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Instead of murdering the world, I took a breath and rearranged the candy. It turned out OK.

By then it was fairly late in the evening, and I had to run out for a "social engagement." Unfortunately, this cake was too tall to fit within the confines of my cake stand cloche, so I did this:

Later, after an evening of fried chicken and shuffleboard, I cut into the cake and was greeted with many colorful candies. Even though I knew what to expect (because I put those colorful candies in there), it was still a delightful experience.

This cake made me happy — how could it not?? — so GreyEagle's trophy is a song that always makes me extremely happy:

Moving right along.

I like eating birds. I actually can't think of a single bird I don't enjoy eating. Chickens, ducks, geese, little tiny birds that I can't think of the names of, even turkey has a time and place. There are so many different ways to prepare them too! You can roast, fry, stuff, or confit. Heck, you can even make prosciutto out of duck.

Anyway, I think you know what I want from you. Get at me with tasty preparations of our fine feathered friends. Bonus points if any of you have a recipe for swan. I've never had swan. (Why don't we eat swans? They're real dicks, tbh.)