RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Bunches of Berries

Get thee to a berry patch!
Publish date:
June 22, 2016
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Hey party people, and welcome to an extra juicy installment of Recipe of the Week.

Last week we put a bunch of stuff on toast, and you all got very creative. From sweet to savory to the classic avocado, you recipes ran the gamut of things you can put on browned bread. Our winner, dearsister88, actually gave us not one, not two, but three outstanding recipes.

Yay! I eat toast almost every morning for breakfast, and I have a lot of variations, so it's hard for me to choose a favorite, but:

Sourdough toast + fresh ricotta mixed with truffle salt and lemon zest + fried egg with crispy brown edges + arugula mixed with olive oil and lemon juice to top


Slice of wheat toast and brie in the toaster till the brie is nice and melty + drizzled honey + chili flake + crushed candied walnuts


French bread sliced on an angle + thick layer of creamy salted butter + thin radishes + generous salt and pepper + parsley

I was feeling something with vegetables, so I went with the last option. I found a really pretty bunch of multi-colored radishes, so the whole thing came out quite beautifully. (The other two toasty suggestions look pretty bomb as well, and I will be bookmarking them for future meals.)

This combination is a good reminder that sometimes it's the super simple things that are the most enjoyable. Spicy radishes pair super well with creamy butter, and fresh parsley makes the whole thing extra fresh. I think this would also work really well as a tea sandwich filling.

Speaking of freshness, dearsister88's trophy is a song I'm freshly obsessed with: "Spinning Away" by John Cale and Brian Eno.

Moving on to our next, very exciting topic. You may have noticed that berry season is upon us. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries are abundant, and just begging to be baked into pies, made into jam, or just eaten out of hand.

I haven't made it berry picking yet, because I am a very bad Portlander, but I plan to go very soon, maybe this weekend. I will most certainly pick too much, and will need suggestions for ways to use up my bounty. This, obviously, is where you come in.

So hit me with your best uses for berries. They don't have to be sweet. In fact, I would love some savory berry applications, so throw those in if you have them. Oh, and I'm playing super loose and fast with what "berry" means here. I would even accept fig recipes, to be completely honest, because figs are delicious (and also maybe a berry?).