You're The Stylists! Help Me Pick Out Accessories To Go With My Outfit For A Wedding This Weekend

Shoes, bracelets, rings. You pick 'em, I wear 'em.
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October 2, 2013
jewelry, accessories, shoes

One of my nearest and dearest, Carolyn, is getting married this weekend in our hometown of Indianapolis. We actually never met in Indy but here in NYC about five years ago, which is pretty nuts. Our close friendship was sealed after the first time we hung out. True story: Within about 15 minutes of meeting, we realized we had once hooked up with the same dude a million years ago! I'm so excited to go home and celebrate her this weekend. But I need your help in accessorizing my outfit.

Over the past couple years, I've put on some weight, which at times I'm totally cool with and at times totally freaks me out. Sometimes it makes dress shopping less fun for me than it used to be, but I spotted this Saloni Aspara dress a few weeks ago at Barneys and it made me so happy. It's flattering, comfortable, and really versatile. I wore it last weekend with ankle boots and a casual jacket to a 40th birthday party. And now I can dress it up for what is sure to be a fun NYC-meets-the-Midwest wedding.

And no matter what size I am, I always get excited about accessories, because they always fit. And really, I've been a shoe hoarder since I can remember. I actually get it from my dad -- the man loves a quality shoe.

You can see the simple, chic (Spanx-friendly) dress below. Take to the comments to tell me which of the three shoes you think I should wear as well as the bracelet/ring combos that would make the best fashion statement. I can't wait to see what you pick!

Shoe Option 1: These are a pair of awesome Manolo Blahniks that I've had in my closet and really haven't worn in a long time. What's wrong with me? The color is amazing.

Shoe Option 2:

The lovely people at Shoemint loaned me these wine-colored booties. Shoemint is my total footwear secret weapon. There are so many incredibly cool styles and they are way affordable for what you're getting, and totally on trend. I think I own 10 pairs. This style is the Cece.

Shoe Option #3:

These Moschino Mary Janes also come straight from the closet of Abby. I love how sturdy they are while still being totally classic and chic. I think I got them from a long-ago fashion closet. Thanks, fashion closet!

And onto the jewelry. The neckline of the dress is such that a necklace isn't necessary, which kind of makes me sad as I do love a statement necklace. But all the more room for fun bracelets and rings. Full disclosure: My ears are no longer pierced and I haven't worn earrings since I poked through some pearls (ouch!) for my brother's wedding two years ago as a bridesmaid. Sometimes I miss earrings, but usually nope.

Mix and match 'em for me, xoJane folk:

This gold cuff (above) is from Jewelmint. I heart it lots.

This Lulu Frost bracelet makes me feel fancy and sparkly.

Another Lulu Frost creation (above) that is very Gatsby-esque. Also, that's the scar from my hand surgery this winter (I slipped on the ice and ended up with five pins in there. It sucked.) While I'm hoping it will fade over time, I'm not afraid to jazz it up with some jewelry.

A locket ring and some tiny bangles would be a more subtle approach. Maybe these go on one arm with a larger piece on the other? Discuss!

This Capwell & Co Deco Knuckle Ring might be my favorite thing in this entire mix. I borrowed it (did I mention I love my job?), but it's also totally affordable at $28 so I might buy it, too!

Get to styling in the comments below! Thanks in advance for your fashionable advice.