YOUR Outfits Of The Week: We Want To See Your Finest Late Fall Fashion + Annie's Awesome Pants

So, did it already freaking snow where you live, too?
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November 13, 2013
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It snowed here in New York yesterday. Sort of. I woke up and was all FML because I'm still in this walking boot and it is really not going to be cool to walk around in slush -- and UGH. Luckily nothing stuck but it was pretty crappy out there for while.

I threw on my giant sweater, some black leggings, one Hunter rain boot and the stupid walking boot and went on my way to a beauty breakfast.

However, Annie pulled together something much more interesting than I on this wintry mix of a day.

Here's what the lovely Annie had to say about her outfit:

"The boots are vintage (if you consider 90s vintage), the top beneath is my magical boob-job top from American Apparel worn under a cropped hook-and-eye shrug/top thing from Reformation. The pants are vintage buttery leather from the 80s that I've had tailored twice now -- they always stretch out. I'm also wearing a white gold chain tucked into my top, which I think is super cool and sexy for when you get naked later. It's like an opulent little surprise for whoever you're making out with."

And you guys. YOU GUYS. We are all loving the groovy style you keep bringing in the comments section each week.

One of my favorites last week comes from commenter best all-around:

I love the proportions here with the long sweater + skirt/dress and the knee socks peeking out from the boots. It's a totally pulled-together look that also seems like it's way comfortable -- which is exactly what I want on crappy weather days. The gold necklace is a perfect accessory too. You must tell us where everything is from, best all-around!

In the meantime, I found some similar pieces for the key parts of the look if you're impatient like me and can't wait to hear the real deal.

I don't know about you, but I can never ever have too many long cardigans.

Vince makes the best ones. But they ARE super expensive. That said, I have some I've been wearing for 5+ years.

Of course there are tons of cozy, less expensive styles out there, too.

And boots! I'm actually in the market for some new brown boots as I've worn this old BCBG pair into the ground. I don't even think my brilliant shoe repair guy can save them (again).

As for knee socks, I tend to go straight to Hue every time I need some.

And now's the time for you to share your outfits of the week in the comments. Do you deal with crap weather by wearing more color? Or do you like to keep it dark? Do you have a favorite snowy weather accessory you're excited to bust out? Share away.