YOUR Outfits Of The Week: What Are Your Pre-Holiday Outfits? And Faz Is Visiting!

It's totally snowing/sleeting here and it would cheer us up greatly to see your cute clothes.
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December 11, 2013
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Bright colors on dark days are a really good idea. I tend to go the opposite and dress drearily when the weather is the pits. This doesn't do much for the mood. So I was SUPER happy to see Faz in this bright pink skirt today when I walked in the door. Well, first I was just happy to actually meet Faz in person. And then Alle showed up, too. It's fun, fun visitors' day at the xoJane offices.

Here's what Faz had to say about her outfit:

My sweater is from Topshop. I bought it two years ago, but I decided to wear it because Emily was wearing a dinosaur sweater yesterday! The skirt is from H&M, and the boots I literally bought 5 min ago because the ones I brought with me died a slow painful death. Cold weather really throws me off my game since I'm used to hot weather clothes all year round (I'm from Singapore), and even more so because I'm living out of a suitcase, but all my fingers and toes are intact despite the blizzard this morning, so I think I'm good.

Also, I want to work with Marci and Alle next to me forever.

As for your outfits, this one just made me smile the first second it scrolled down my screen. (I guess I'm having a real thing for pink this week!)

Here's what "Ginger Pop" had to say in her comment: "Today I was feeling a little bit Grease :)" I want to feel a little bit Grease EVERY DAY. Also, polka dots can make everyone happy always. I don't wear them enough/at all but I really want to. This skirt of yours is making me want to even more. And I love the way you belted it with the top.

Hence here are some polka dot fashions that I hope brighten each of your days. (Also, Ginger Pop, let us know where you got everything when you see this!)

The runways were filled with dots for F/W 2013 in both full looks and accessories.

And this is from Spring 2014 and it's polka not quite dots but it's Oscar de la Renta and so pretty that I couldn't not share it. I hope Sienna Miller or Diane Kruger wears it soon on a red carpet.

Okay and now for some things we might ACTUALLY be able to buy!

This sweater seems like it would fit in adorably with about half the dresses and any pair of jeans in my closet.

Hello, swingy skirt!

And I think I found my new party dress to save up for.

All right, your turn -- share those photos!