YOUR Outfits Of The Week: What Are You Wearing This Holiday Season? And Olivia's Cute Boots!

There's a Nor'easter blowing in and relatives to deal with so let's avoid all that and talk about clothes.
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November 27, 2013
YOUR Outfits Of The Week, boots, sweater dresses

The Northeast is bracing for a big old storm just in time for people to act really kind and awesome to each other while stranded at airports and train stations while trying to visit family members they may or may not enjoy. GOOD TIMES! I'm staying put on the isle of Manhattan and couldn't be happier about it.

But let's distract ourselves from all that holiday stress and nonsense by talking about fun things like FASHION.

Olivia looked REAL cute today at the office. I loved the proportions of the sweater paired with the long fitted skirt and the tall lace up boots. I may in fact copy this exact look once I'm allowed to wear my cute heeled boots again some day. (I am however out of the stupid walking boot and wearing normal, if flat, shoes going on 5 days straight. Yessss!)

O's sweater is COS, the skirt is H&M and the boots are MooShoes (vegan!) in case you, like me, want to steal her look.

As for your outfits from last round, as always there was SO much to choose from (keep it up!) but I ended up on this look from Melilicious. I love it for its chic simplicity and also because this was the comment that went along with the photo: "My French Connection sweater dress makes me feel so warm and sexy. I couldn't get my black leather Aldo boots in but they're there."

I'm all for anything that makes you feel warm and sexy so here are some other sweater dresses that I'm pretty into right now.

I love everything about how this look is styled right down to those boots. This is kind of my LA in Winter look during my visits out west.

This style is pretty perfect for the office -- and looks crazy comfortable.

POCKETS!!!!!!!! That is all.

Okay, now it's that time again. Share what you're wearing this week. Bonus points for tips on how you're surviving the holiday season. JK. But seriously, I think we could all use some advice so feel free to throw down some wisdom.