YOUR Outfits Of The Week: What Are You Wearing? And We Heart Madeline!

Show us your cute outfits, pretty please.
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November 6, 2013
YOUR Outfits Of The Week, fashion inspiration, personal style

Madeline looks REALLY cute every day, of course, but I especially loved this outfit she wore yesterday. She's made the transition into chilly late fall perfectly. (It got FOR REALS cold here in New York this week. I had to turn on my heat and I hate turning on my heat.)

I still feel like I have nothing to wear but Madeline is giving me ideas. It's such a good girlie-tomboy vibe. She's wearing an APC men's sweatshirt (hooray for menswear as womenswear), Tucker wool trousers, and Jeffrey Campbell booties. Madeline says, "The sweatshirt is maddd cozy. I'm also wearing a Hello Kitty necklace from the Hello Kitty section at my neighborhood pharmacy that I closely monitor."


Now for a favorite from YOUR outfits last week. Man, you guys are good. It's so hard to pick just one. But I've got to give it to the awesomeness that is this look from commenter Burgers:

Everything about this is so good -- the Missoni for Target dress, the tights (also from Target per the lovely Burgers further down in the comments), the scarf, the boots, the hair, the makeup. It's just making me so fashion happy. The mixing of the patterns and the stripes and the colors is spot-on. (And now I'm starting to sound like a judge on "Project Runway", sorry.)

Of course the Missoni for Target line is no longer in stores -- but there are some pieces still available on eBay.

And this isn't a Missoni print, but I do love this multi-striped dress too.



Also, Burgers, you must share you hair and makeup secrets with us in the comments. That hair color is divine. Oh, and is your scarf vintage?

As for the rest of you stylish readers, show us what you're wearing this week? Has it gotten super cold where you live? Have you properly adjusted or are you like me and still trying to wear pieces that were better left behind in September?

Let's see what you've got going on -- I know it will be good.