YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Queen Lesley Is Here!

She has so many good vibes. So. Many.

Our senior editor Lesley, as you probably know, usually works remotely from Boston. I was going to screenshot some G-Chats between Lesley seriously they are so gushy and weird and I just can't let you in that crazy. It is essentially two major A/V nerds talking about conspiracies, gnomes and absolutely loving each other to the ends of the neon rainbows.

So when she was here in NYC this week, I exploded for a second. I mean, we all did. For so many reasons, she is just the happiest most brilliant woman and we never get to see her so we don't know a THING about any of her bad parts. Her Dr. Marten-clad perfection is seared into the xoJane consciousness in a way that somebody you see five days a week could never be.

So yeah we all got to snuggle up to the real xoJane golden child and soak up her vibes for a few days. Now that she is gone, we will put her on the sartorial chopping block and see what her outfit is made of.

Here is what she had to say about it:

The cardigan is really old and from Target. The flamingo dress is from eShakti. The tights are really, REALLY old and I don't even remember where I got them. The shoes are the Dr. Martens I wrote about in my last Friday list.

What a doll. Along with wearing a dress with flamingos on it, she is rocking her trademark Dr. Martens, but not the boots. These Mary Jane T-bar shoes are designed by one of my favorite fun girl models, Agyness Deyn. They are totally sweet and have a bit of a heel, but not so much as to make you think of school-girl Britney sex. Not that that's a bad thing, of course. I just don't think that is what Lesley is going for.

I especially love the dresses detailing on the chest. The twisty bow-like features make me think of sexy prom 80s prom dresses minus the sequins and hairspray. (I have a dirty picture of Lesley pushing up her boobs and showing major cleavage that I'm not going to post here. DM me if you want it! KIDDING, LESLEY CALM DOWN.)

I'm done with the Lesley love parade, now on to you hot messes.

This week's reader outfit comes from sjrodemeyer with her Margot Tennenbaum realness: "Date night outfit! Floral silk robe belted with a vintage belt over a black pencil dress, topped with a faux fur h&m coat."

I love the idea of wearing a silk robe with a vintage belt. Great idea, sweet sweet lady. I am a fan of you. These are best purchased vintage, in my opinion, so i'm not going to direct you to any. However, I can guide you in saying you are going to want to find one that is about hip length, lest you look like you actually just got out of a bath. Also, I feel like this is the type of thing that is not completely picked over in the local Salvation Army, so a sweet one shouldn't be hard to find. God speed.

CONFESSION: I am in love with real fur but sometimes there is a weird place and time for a little faux. I actually wholeheartedly believe that faux fur has crossed over from imitation of an original luxury, to a staple itself. I think everybody should own at least one faux fur, they are inexpensive (sometimes) and you can throw it on the ground in a mosh pit and not worry if the skin will get stomped off because it's all synthetic. Keep away from open flames though because melted plastic leaves very real scars.

OK, I'm done with my rant. Here are a few of MY picks for faux (I threw a crazy colored faux in there too because, well, you only live once.)

Wear faux fur because it is fun. Wear real fur when you want to feel like you are waiting for your limo to arrive. That is how I dress for my life. So, tell me, how do you dress yours? Let me know in the comments. I'll need imagery because I'm a little dense.