YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Marci And Her Adorable Vintage Dress

It's been a disgusting week but Marci is all "Whatever, winter!"
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February 7, 2014
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In case you were not in NYC this week (and lucky you if that is the case) it was actually the most revolting awful weather here ever. The week started with snow, then freezing rain, then one day of near 60 degree weather ( or did I dream that?) and then back to hardcore miserable coldness.

It's been a rough week and oh, I want you guys to know that my winter boots are broken because I actually had to cut myself out of them because the zipper broke. They were not the nicest boots in the world, but I loved them and they did a great job keeping my feet warm and comfortable.

Word on the street is that I'm not the only one having shoe troubles this winter, but we are going to get to all that soon. When I say soon I mean, right now. So please, join me, and take a look at what Marci wore this week.

I mean, I actually gasped when I saw her. Besides having brand new bangs, she busted into the office the other day like the ray of pink sunshine that she is. I mean look at this, the pink is totally lovely and those cat eye glasses are really channeling some badass John Waters babe. Perfection!

This is one of my favorite vintage dresses. My eagle-eyed mom found it at a thrift store in Florida. It's really springy, so I wore it to be all "Eff you, winter!" Then winter was like, "Eff you right back, Marci," and I slipped on the ice on my way to the subway today. I landed really hard on my knee, and even though it's swollen and bleeding, my tights didn't rip! Assets by Spanx, you guys -- they hold in your flab AND your blood.

I'm also wearing cheap, black, pointy kitten heels from Target and a gold chain that belonged to my late Grandma Bea. The glasses are by Derek Cardigan (and you can get them for free if you're ordering from for the first time, Person Who's Been Living Under A Rock).

Slipping on ice is actually the worst, Marci. My heart goes out to you.

Moving on, here is our READER outfit of the week.

OK, I'll admit, I'm still on my skirt binge right now. I GUESS I JUST GET OBSESSED WITH CLOTHES/IDEAS/PEOPLE/FEARS AND IT TAKES ME A LONG TIME TO GET OVER IT. Oh, sorry was I yelling? Anyway this image comes from ILoveCaturday here is what she has to say about it:

Bought my first pleated skirt, which I love even though it makes me look lumpy. Into this necklace, though!

Sorry girl, I don't see any lumps except for your lovely lady ones. Great outfit. Do you want to try it out? Try this:

I love the way the crisp pleat on these midi skirts make you look incredibly serious. I feel like you should always have a very clean riding crop with you when you wear pleats. That was dirty on purpose. That image in your head? I put that there.

What is up my FRIENDS? Let me see what you have on right now or what you are wearing this weekend to da club.