YOUR Outfits Of The Week: Madeline's Chic Outfit And Reflections On A Not-So Professional Workplace

Madeline has everybody's secrets.
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January 24, 2014
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Did you know that Madeline is the LONGEST-STANDING xoJane employee? Did you know that she had a hand in hiring our life master and Twitter prophet Emily McCombs? Madeline started as an intern here for Jane while our site was still technically called and pretty much is a mental archive of all of the ups and downs of this site.

She actually knows everything that has ever happened here. Like, ever. Bow down bitches, Madeline is the real life force of

Another thing I totally love about Madeline is that she has the casual chic look DOWN. She always looks relatively professional without looking like a giant boring loser. Maybe my perception of professionalism is skewed because Jane wears Pilates clothes and I can always see Emily’s butt, but I THINK Madeline looks professional.

Oh this song just came on the radio and it reminds me of Madeline so you should listen to it as well.

Anyway Madeline is known for her chic style and her weirdness. She is easily the weirdest person on staff but you don’t see it at first because she seems very outwardly normal. Let me tell you though she has some very weird voices inside of her, and it doesn’t take that much to get them to come out out.

Just listen to her weird voices in your head while you look at this picture.

Hee. hee.

Here is what she has to say about her outfit:

My pants are from Stylemint, and are the only thing I've ever purchased from there. They're super comfy. My sweater is from Save Khaki, a mini-chain of men's boutiques in NYC. There is nothing better than an oversized cashmere sweatshirt, trust me. My shoes are from Joe Fresh and were super cheap. There's no way the heel is staying white for long. Last but not least, Forever21 is my favorite for hyper-trendy jewelry like this $8 statement necklace. Meow.

I love that Madeline can wear silk pants and a cashmere sweater and not look like she totally just rolled out of bed. Maybe it’s the mermaid hair? Maybe it’s her sunshiny vibes? Maybe it’s her multiple personalities. Who KNOWS all I know is that her outfit is one that not only 100% cool girl, it comes at you from various price points, which I know you weenies love.


This one comes from our xoJaneAir Frequent Flyer DocHolligay. I know this photo is of your makeup bebe, but I’m gonna focus on your hat.

Can I tell you a secret? I’m terrible at vintage. I’m so impatient and weirdly shaped that I can’t sift through racks and racks of clothes that don’t have sizes sewn into them. But vintage looking hats are amazing little pieces that a very select group of women decide to take on. I am really in awe of them. I love a good fancy hat or fascinator. Though these are really items you generally find deep in the recesses of a vintage store, you can also find them on the Internets. I did this for you because I think I like you.

On a relevant hatty note, I just got a new beret because I want people to think I'm rich. Please look at me and my money eyes.

OK chickens! You know the drill, lemme see whatchya got (my newest single.) I want to see how pretty ya'll are and I want to love you even more.