YOUR Outfits Of The Week: This Week Is A ME PARTY

Today it's a meeee partyyyy!
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January 31, 2014
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I'm on a mission right now. I'm upping my skirt game.

I was always a dress and sweater type. I love me a little black minidress and a big bulky sweater. Then one day, when I was on my vacation in California, I just up and decided to buy this skirt that was totally not me (also, California is where the seed of a non-smoking lifestyle was planted inside my impressionable brain. It's just so nice and clean in San Fransisco and nobody smokes, so I decided to follow suit because, regrettably, I feel like I may end up living there.)

I got this bad boy and have been wearing it a ton (only on weekends because it is very very short and I do try to keep my bits hidden at work.) We all love it because evokes feelings of "Empire Records"/"Hit Me Baby"/"The Craft" and all the cool girls you wanted to be friends with but you couldn't be because they didn't exist.

So buying this one skirt turned into another skirt and another and it snowballed into a million skirts and I had to throw out (KIDDING, I DONATED, OF COURSE) a ton of clothes because my life became absolutely saturated with skirts.

Out of all the skirts I acquired, the crowning achievement of my skirt spree was this one:

It is not only ORANGE it is also NOT TIGHT. I am just so used to my butt being hugged firmly by fabric, so it is not in my nature to buy a skirt like this. Lucky for me, midi skirts are a THING now. This skirt is slightly shorter than what would traditionally be considered a midi skirt, typically they fall below the knee. When you have very little leg to spare, you have to improvise.

The skirt is from an amazing local store in Brooklyn called In God We Trust and you should all go there because I love that place and they are having a mega sale on all of their fall stuff. Also, the dude who is modeling in the photo is also the dude who makes my coffee at the coffee shop near my house every morning. There is a little fashion insider info for you!

Our reader outfit this week comes from Kayla Rose who is wearing these sweet patterned pants that just scream 2 COOL 4 SKOOL.

My studying in the sun get up. Highwaisted, ridiculous pants from Asos, because everyone needs a pair of insane pants. No makeup face, and third day hair. You're totally welcome!

I'm a big fan of the insane pant too, Kayla! I was wearing a pair a few weeks ago (when I also crowned myself outfit of the week...oops!) They are great. A good patterned pant is super important during these bleak winter months because you need to get sunshine and happiness somewhere, right? Here are a few of my favorites you can find on the internets.

You know the drill kiddos, put 'em in. I wanna see your magical outfits so I can praise you.