YOUR Outfits Of the Week: We Want To See Them

Inspire us with your awesome style.
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October 9, 2013
YOUR Outfits Of The Week, fashion inspiration

When I started at xoJane a few weeks ago, one of the first things I noticed is how much awesome personal style is walking around the office every day. I mean, it's not like I was surprised, as I've been reading the site since it launched but it's so much better in person.

Seriously, how cute is Jane's outfit here? What I love most is that it is mixed and matched from all over her closet!

Here's the rundown from Jane herself:

"The glasses are Chanel (a gift from LensCrafter); the sweater is Marc by Marc Jacobs (a gift from Courteney Cox) and I'm wearing it, as I often do, with another sheer black sweater underneath; the sleeveless shirt I bought at Marni (with my 30% discount!); the pants are Miu Miu via Nifty Thrifty (also a gift from when I did some promotional work for them); and the shoes are Hasbeens -- they picked them for me and I love that they chose a light blue color because it's so much cooler than the cream color I thought I wanted."

The fashion world has been obsessed with street style for a few years now and of course you can't turn around on the Internet without running into a personal style blog. And I think that's great. Even when I was working in print magazines, I was excited when I saw the beauty and fashion trends leave the pages of the magazine and enter the real world and be worn by real women. Personal style has never been bigger and inspiration truly is everywhere.

Jane and I got to talking after I mentioned how awesome it is that all of you can even share photos in the comments. No site I've worked on before ever had that capability. What an amazing untapped style resource, we thought! All of you have such amazing style too and we want to see it and get inspired by YOU!

So get to selfie-ing or have a friend snap a photo of your what you're wearing this week outfit and share it with us in the comments or at with a little bit about why you love it and what your style is all about. We'll pick out one of our favorites and share it with the whole class. This is going to be a new regular thing here at xoJane, with a glimpse at some of our outfits and a chance to see all of yours!

I can't wait to see all of your incredible style.