Why I Spent Over $500 On A Single Pair of Boots

ALSO: Katie Holmes loves her Isabel Marant boots, world reacts with disgust.
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August 24, 2012
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I am a pretty unabashed reader of the trashy Daily Mail. I used to trudge to the newsstand in high school to buy the actual physical newspaper because of these lyrics from The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead”:

"Charles, don't you ever crave

To appear on the front of the Daily Mail

Dressed in your mother's bridal veil?"

I was like, WHAT? This Daily Mail that Morrissey is singing about is a real thing that I can go and get and be just like him? SOLD. This is a pretty sad glimpse into what truly motivates me in life.

I still troll the Daily Mail to this day, albeit from the comfort of my own home via the Internet. The Daily Mail was originally conceived of in 1896 as a newspaper aimed mainly at women, and still has a readership that is over 50% female.

So I always find it slightly disturbing when they publish snarky stuff like this piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism into why Katie Holmes loves her Isabel Marant boots so much that she’s worn them 15 times since July. QUELLE HORREUR!!!

Their story is bolstered with all the in-depth research they obviously did on the matter: Paparazzi photos of Katie going about her daily business.

After spending about 10 minutes thinking that I wish I could dress as cute as Katie Holmes, I have three rebuttal points for the Daily Mail:

1) Katie wearing said boots 15 different times on days spanning from early July until just this past Tuesday, August 21st is not actually 15 days in a row. The Daily Mail would have you believe Katie is also sleeping and showering in these boots.

2) She's actually been wearing them since summer 2011.

3) Don’t come sniffing around Casa Freer too closely unless you want to see yours truly wearing these effing boots 100 days in a row:

Why didn’t I buy a dozen pairs of these Jeffrey Campbell boots when I had the chance? HOT TIP: Slouchy grey motorcycle style boots match everything. You can wear them winter/spring/summer/fall. They are the most useful pair of boots I own. I try to let them air out 24 hours between wearings, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. This means that the Daily Mail thinks I’m “grubby.” Someone pin a gold star on them, as I am the O.G. grubbster. (Grubbsters predate Hipsters by at least 10 years.)

Katie wearing the same boots over and over actually makes me like her more. The Mail reports that the boots in question were 325 British Pounds Sterling, which works out to about $516 US dollars. I’d be wearing them a hell of a lot more than Katie has if I’d paid that much cash for a pair of boots! I sort of fantasized that perhaps Katie bought the boots for herself as a pick-me-up after her split with the father of her child, but then I realized she'd had those boots for over a year. They just happened to have been a great purchase, so she is getting her money's worth. Honestly, what boots do you own that look as good with skirts as they do with all those different styles of pants she's wearing in the above photos?

Katie also illustrates a great point here: Sometimes buying something expensive is actually worth it. I have a pair of boots I paid over $500 for. I sweated them for 2 years while I saved my money and didn't buy any cheap stuff in the meantime. I almost fainted out of fear after I bought them, but 6 years later, they still look perfect, are comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, and haven’t fallen out of style. They are made by Fiorentini + Baker, and my exact pair are still for sale all these years later. That's like 42 years in dog years. I think fashion years actually move faster than dog years.

I love these dumb boots. (They were only $515.00 when I bought them, I guess they have gone up in value?) In truth, I am usually pretty cheap with my wardrobe. My clothes are mostly from Target. I never spend over $100 on a pair of shoes unless I really thought about them for a long time. Most of my shoes are under $50. But I would seriously consider buying another pair of Fiorentini + Baker boots (like the shortie black moto or dusty tan combat ones below) if I hadn’t cut up my credit card. Their boots are completely worth the money. They last and last and last.

I always try to show you guys a wide range of stuff at all price points here, as I myself am a pretty dedicated discount shopper. But I also think it's important to look at expensive stuff too, and point out brilliant craftsmanship when I know it to be true. It helps those of you who may be considering a splurge from making a costly mistake, and it also helps to be able to spot great copies of $$ stuff when you see them. For example, Steve Madden usually always has a few pairs of boots "inspired by" some of the classic Fiorentini + Baker ones I featured here.

If you spend a ton of money on a pair of shoes, they should last. More importantly, they should bring you joy every damn time you wear them. Those Isabel Marant boots must bring Katie Holmes happiness and make it easy for her to get dressed in the morning, because she keeps going back to them. I'm not sure how much more you could ask of a simple pair of boots!

What's the most you have ever spent on a pair of shoes? Was it worth it? Or are they regret personified every time you open your closet? I have a pair of those too.

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