Front Row With Holly Siegel at WHITNEY EVE, Plus Meet the Other Marnell!

Remember when you found out that Lady Gaga has a sister? Yeah, this is sort of like that.
Publish date:
February 15, 2012
New York FW Fall 2012

I've known Cat's sister Emily for nearly as long as I've known Cat. She's in beauty PR you see, the other side of the coin, and I even worked alongside her for a year back in my copywriter days.

So when Emily invited me to cover the Whitney Eve (

yes, that Whitney

) show for

Crest 3D White

, of course I said yes. They even sent a car,

which I used to drop off dry cleaning and pick up prescriptions


When I finally arrived backstage,

the famous Holly Siegel from Glamour

was there chatting with Emily. Holly is a beauty industry veteran (and friend of Cat's), but this was the first time I'd met her--so exciting! Holly had on this incredibly expensive-looking Topshop Unique coat and sparkly Tom Ford eye shadow.

If you watched

MTV's The City

, you know that Whitney is closely linked to

Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution

, and Kelly truly does produce Whitney's fashion shows. So Kelly was there too looking every bit the


she does on television, towering around in these

Acne wedges


I can't tell you much about the beauty look because I arrived too late, but here's everything else that went down at Whitney Eve.

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