WEAR THIS NOW: Delicious Rose Gold Jewelry

Jazz up your everyday jewelry routine with some luscious pink gold pieces.
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August 3, 2012
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If you are a bit bored by your jewelry drawer right now, I have a suggestion: try a little rose gold. I am bored silly with clothes this week, so I am extra into all kinds of jewelry in general. But I’m super fickle -- I could wake up tomorrow and be really into hats.

Rose gold jewelry is one of my most beloved things. It’s actually an alloy created by adding small amounts of copper to yellow gold in order to attain the warm, pinky color I love so much. It’s far more flattering to all skin tones than classic gold or silver, and I think adding a piece of rose gold into your repertoire gives you license to mix your jewelry metals at will.

The secret to wearing gold and silver together at once successfully is adding in a 3rd color to even out the clashing.

Me, mixin it up.

Rose gold was quite popular in 19th century England during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself wore a rose gold snake ring as her engagement ring to Prince Albert! So creepily romantic.

Circa 1880 rose gold, garnet and diamond ring.

I recently was introduced to a gorgeous line of fine jewelry called Crowe. It was created by a New Orleans, Louisiana based costume designer named Lauren Bott, who always had a hard time finding the exact pieces she wanted for the characters on shows she was designing.

After teaching herself the bare basics of jewelry making, she decided to put her film career on hold and moved to Brooklyn, New York to study at the Kristin Hansen Fine Jewelry School.

The result is a beautiful collection of exclusive rose gold jewelry that is organic, delicate, free spirited and quite magical. Lauren is a true artist, making everything by hand in the city of New Orleans.

Left: 14K "Big Baller" necklace, $235.00. Top right: Rose gold vermeil "New York Knicked" ring, $150.00. Bottom right: Rose gold vermeil "Flipside" earrings, $200.00.

Lauren’s jewelry is not inexpensive -- I would definitely consider it an investment. You can order her designs in either rose gold vermeil, which is an overlay of rose gold on sterling silver, or pure 14k rose gold. Some of her ingenious rings could be a brilliant substitute for the classic engagement ring.

My dude recently told me he didn’t “believe” in diamond rings for a bunch of different reasons -- overvaluation and evil diamond cartels, for starters. I don’t particularly care if I ever get married, but I am convinced that I want a big dumb sparkly ring because at heart, I am a stupid girl. If any ring were to change my mind, it would be one of Lauren’s.

Top: Rose gold vermeil "Flowerbomb" ring, $200.00. Middle: Rose gold vermeil "Ring Thing", $150.00. Bottom: 14K & diamond "Pretty Girl Rocks" band, $1400.00.

Her earrings are probably my favorite things in the whole line. I think everyone look better with a little sparkle by their face, so I am constantly making sure the actresses I dress wear earrings, even if they are just small studs! Especially in photographs, earrings add a bit of luminosity and life to your face. Lauren's have a movement to them that is completely organic and not too jangly.

Clockwise from left: "Maurice" dangle earrings, $180.00. Rose gold vermeil "Such a Stud" earrings, $130.00. 14K rose gold "Fortune Drop" earrings, $200.00. Rose gold vermeil "Make Me a Bird" earrings, $150.00.

Lauren’s jewelry has a lot of texture to it, even though her designs are innately simple. The number one trick costume designers use when dressing a character is to add depth and interest to ensembles by using texture. It’s why a classic, simple smooth white shirt looks so good against an equally simple grey tweed skirt -- texture is always pleasing to the eye.

My favorite piece in Lauren’s collection is the “All Evil, No Eye” necklace. It’s so elegant and beautiful.

"All Evil, No Eye" necklace in rose gold vermeil ($130) or 14K rose gold ($300).

Lauren’s jewelry is definitely for babes who like the idea of something unique, special and handmade.

If your wallet can’t hang, don’t despair -- you can still inexpensively inject some of the warm glamour of rose gold jewelry into your life.

Clockwise from top left: Bangle bracelet, $14.69. Chainmail necklace, $27.99. Orb ring, $20.49. Filigree earrings, $54.99.

Top: Bar ring, $16.99 Botom: Lattice cuff bracelet, $14.99.

Someone asked me in the comments once how to wear a bunch of different bracelets all jumbled together with panache. My number one suggestion would be to mix a classic curb link bracelet like this rose gold and leather one with whatever else you have lying around:

Rose gold-tone bracelet with leather, $9.79.

The rose gold adds an extra dimension of interest that I think is the integral part of the "arm candy" look.

I even dug up a rose gold crazy cat necklace for all you crazy cat ladies out here: (cough LESLEY cough.)

Rose gold kitty cat necklace, $24.99.

A great contrast to all this delicate jewelry is to wear a chunky men's style watch, especially one done up in a feminine rose gold tone. I am sort of crazily pining for the Marc Jacobs one:

Left: Marc Jacobs watch, $225.00. Right: Anne Klein watch, $95.00.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Alison (Twitter: @IveyAlison)