We Have Some Thoughts For You, Paris Fashion Week: Givenchy Edition

Sadly, we're not in France. But we're still dissecting all the runway looks.
Publish date:
October 1, 2013
givenchy, fashion inspiration, paris fashion week

One of my favorite things about the current state of the fashion industry is that you don't have to actually attend the shows to see all the clothes almost instantly. It's a much more democratic way to operate and while, of course, I would never turn down a work trip to Paris, I still get to do my job sitting here at the xoJane offices.

Since I just started, we missed out on New York, London and Milan but there are still a few days left of designers showing in Paris and we have some thoughts to share—and want to hear yours too.

Behold our first look for discussion from Riccardo Tisci's Spring/Summer 2014 Givenchy collection (where there was an actual smoking car crash on the runway and a Kim/Kanye sighting in the front row), complete with my silly Photoshop doodles:

First of all, this collection is SO different from the one Tisci designed for fall which involved, among other things, Bambi on sweatshirts -- very, very expensive sweatshirts. I'm pretty obsessed with the sophistication of this collection and how much of it I want to wear. Let me clarify that I will in fact be wearing zero pieces because Givenchy is way outside of my budget. But it's giving me a ton of styling ideas. I love the draping in the top and while I personally won't be baring my midriff in any way any time soon, I like how he didn't go full-on tummy like so many designers did this season. If I were ever going to wear sparkles (they aren't really my bag), these slouchy pants are just the thing I'd choose. Regardless I'm wearing pants in that cut as soon as I can find some. And the flats!!! Every model wore flats! It's a flat shoe revolution and I LOVE it.

Now what did the rest of the xo gang have to say?

JANE: "I haven't been to the Paris collections since getting into the online-only thing and do miss certain aspects of it, like all the coffee between shows and being close to collections I like as much as this one. I want those pants and am excited about the flats-only show. Yay! I will be wearing or copying those for sure."

EMILY: "I love any new variation on midriff-baring (ribcage midriff!!!) so I am all about the crescent moon midriff in this photo. Let's make this a huge thing."

MARIANNE: "I want those pants on my body right now. The shirt looks like it's referencing the midriff trend while still trying to be work appropriate. I like it because I think glimpses of skin are mad sexy -- this is definitely a fancy night out shirt versus work shirt to me. (Though I'd hella wear the pants to work.) What I really dig is the contrast of the glimpse of skin with the high neckline. I won't say it's demure but it is nicely unexpected."

MANDY: "Real Housewives of Paris Fashion Week"

CLAIRE: "I really like those sparkly pants; they look like what David Bowie would wear to work."

s.e.: "Sweet, bellybutton aeration. Something I look for in all garments. (Also, #teamnopantsever)"

HELENA: "The exact outfit I was planning to wear to my '70s glam jammy jam and beach party."

MADELINE: "I dig it -- interesting contrast between the folds of the shirt and the texture of the glittery pants. It also looks hella comfy. But I definitely don't think it would work with boobs bigger than an A cup."

LORI: "I think this is beyond chic! It has a casual flare but it's aspirational. I wish I had the legs and the lifestyle that go with this outfit. You could switch the flats for heels and it's another look entirely."

Are you inspired to find some sparkly pants and wear them with flats? Discuss!