We Have Some Thoughts For You, Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Edition

Sadly, we're not in France. But we're still dissecting all the runway looks.
Publish date:
October 2, 2013
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Yesterday, we tackled Givenchy. Today it's on to one of the most anticipated shows in Paris: Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld turns it out season after season with a major production. All the shows in Paris are more dramatic and conceptual than New York. Often expansive (and expensive) sets are built just for that 15 minutes of catwalk time. Think icebergs and barnyards. Yes, barnyards. This season, the Palais Royale became an art gallery. Sounds like it looked pretty cool with actual paintings and sculptures hanging everywhere.

And as for the clothes. Well I loved just about every look. One of my favorite things about the world Karl Lagerfeld creates is that he never loses the classic Chanel-ness of it all. There are always tweeds and pearls, but they don't feel old-lady who lunches. Though I'm pretty sure there will be lots of old ladies who lunch wearing these pieces. Okay, maybe not the giant pearl necklace (get your minds out of the gutter!) as headphones. But still. So here's one of my favorite looks:

Let's start with how awesomely cool and comfy that rich, hot pink crochet dress is. (This dress also sparked an office-wide discussion about Winona Ryder's white crochet dress in Reality Bites which we are all still completely obsessed with.) I bet that fabric feels amazing. I'm going to the Chanel store once it comes in just so I can feel it in person and try it on for fun. It has the tweed feel without being tweed. J'adore.

Pretty much my favorite part of looking at any Chanel show is the accessories. My most prized fashion possessions are two Chanel bags that I bought back in my magazine days. They used to have these INSANE invite-only editor sales. There were rules about how many things you could buy and editors would follow each other around waiting to see what was left behind as people chose which items they were actually going to purchase. Each of the bags cost me $150 which is a ridiculous steal when it comes to Chanel. I love them so much and they will never go out of style. But I digress. In case you thought you were seeing things, you are not: The model is indeed carrying not one, but two clutches. Is this something real ladies will do? Yeah, don't think so. But it looks cool on the runway and I'm not mad at it. Later in the show there are even girls wearing multiple cross-body bags.

As for the shoes. Yes, those are sock shoes. And yes that is a thing. Do with that what you will.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't show you a close-up look at the rainbow of eye makeup happening. (Plus, you'll see the pearls as headphones situation I mentioned earlier!)

So let's hear what the rest of Team xoJane had to say about Chanel:

JANE: "There's a drop-waist pink and white checked dress in this collection that I want to make my new uniform. At the last Chanel show I went to -- also beautiful, but this one I like even better in terms of the volume of stuff I would actually wear in my everyday life -- I stepped on Amy Astley's toe and smushed Anna Wintour's knee getting past them to my seat. The end."

EMILY: "I would wear that hot pink dress right now, today. Put it on my body please. That is all."

MANDY: "Lena Dunham at the Oscars makeup with what I'm pretty sure Barbie Dream House clothes should be updated to be today because I love them and need them in my life."

LOUISE: "I had practically the same dress (not Chanel) in middle school. I wish I still had it. And I've always wanted platinum/white hair. I tried in high school. My bangs fell off."

HANNAH: "I really love that dress. It's like...sort of nautical but also super party-fancy, like a mermaid at a rave?"

OLIVIA: "I'm into any hairstyle that makes you look like you may fly away. Also, that necklace looks like a really glam version of those things they put on your head for electro-shock therapy and that makes me want it badly."

SOMER: "Robot models, beam me to your spaceship and teach me your eye makeup ways. Also, I am digging the two handbag thing."

LORI: "The hair is fab. So Debbie Harry!"

LAURA: "It's like a rainbow exploded on her face!"

Talk to me. What do you think of Spring/Summer 2014 Chanel?