Win a Trip To NYC and Free Glasses From Warby Parker!

In celebration of their first-ever store, Warby Parker is giving away an amazing weekend for two. This is one contest you’ll want to enter. Trust me.
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March 12, 2013
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I’ll never forget the moment in second grade when I found out I needed glasses. I was livid. I wouldn’t wear them, I told my mom. And for the entire year, I didn’t. I’d hide them in my desk at school, “forget” them at home, take them off and pocket them the second I was out from beneath my mother’s watchful (also blind) eye. Glasses were for nerds and it just wasn’t going to happen.

Then, sometime during third grade, I put my glasses on and realized, wait a second… I could see. Like really see. Colors and numbers and oh THAT’S what’s on the chalkboard. After that, my glasses never left my face again. Like, even when my mom would ask me to take them off for a photograph, I’d say, “This is who I am and the glasses are staying on. Now take the picture already.”

As a grown-up though (if we can really call me that), I tend to shy away from glasses. My vision is -8.5 in both eyes; that means that everything that’s 20 feet away looks like it’s 850 feet away for me. Yes, you read that right. Basically, if we lived in Caveman Times, I would have been killed and eaten years ago.

So I tend to mostly wear my contacts. The thing is? That’s actually not good for your eyes. My optometrist told me recently that not only am I not supposed to wear my contact lenses when I’m in the water, I’m not even supposed to wear them in the hot tub. THE HOT TUB! (I know. My life is really, really hard.)

I told him I simply could not abide by that rule, but we did come up with a plan for me to give my eyes some much-needed rest. Take out my contacts and wear my glasses more. A lot more. The only problem? My glasses are like 10 years old and are so not adorable.

Enter: Warby Parker. Stylish. Hip. AND for every pair of glasses they sell, they distribute a pair to someone in need. That’s not even the best part though. (Well it probably is, but I’m selfish, so just bear with me.) The best part is: They’ll send you five pairs to try on for five days for FREE. Which, as a self-proclaimed hermit is amazing. Anything I can do while wearing my PJs, drinking wine, and eating Goldfish crackers is good in my book.

But, for those of you who live in New York City and actually like to go outside, I have some really good news. Warby Parker is opening their very first store in SoHo! And for those of you who don’t live in NYC? Even better news! They’re celebrating the store opening by giving everyone a chance to win a “Warby Parker Weekend.”

Feast your eyes on this:

The weekend includes their store launch party where you and a guest will get to meet the Warby Parker founders and pick out a pair or two of new glasses (they have sunglasses and nonprescription eyewear as well in case you’re more genetically blessed than I). You’ll also get airfare, two nights at The Standard (my personal fave), and get wined and dined at some of New York’s yummiest restaurants. There are also gift certificates for a night at the movies, an independent bookstore, and a Soul Cycle class (which you might want to take BEFORE you go to brunch; trust me on this). The second and third place winners will receive Warby Park gift cards.

Not too shabby, right?

Just click here to enter and cross your fingers. (But not your eyes. They’ll stay like that, you know.)

This post is sponsored by Warby Parker. As always, I only write about brands I actually like and support because that’s how this four-eyed girl rolls.