UNPOPULAR (FASHION) OPINION: I Don't Like High Top Wedge Sneakers

This shoe is having a major moment -- and I just can't get with this trend.
Publish date:
November 5, 2013
wedge sneakers, Isabel Marant, target, Nike

The high top wedge sneaker is apparently on a mission to take over the world. And it's making me nuts.

(I'm, of course, putting this in the context of "fashion nuts" as there are obviously much more serious issues in the world for one to focus one's energy on. Hell, I've got plenty of issues of my own that merit more thought than a shoe style but it is actually my job to think about these sorts of things. And it's also way more fun than diving deep into my head and really addressing why I don't date anymore.)

But I digress.

This shoe trend started with one of my favorite designers in the whole wide world, Isabel Marant. Before this shoe came around, I was of the mindset that there was nothing this woman could design that (given a much larger salary) I wouldn't buy.

I mean...

The model-off-duty coolness of her clothes is a huge part of the appeal to me (a person who is very obviously not a model.) Next week I get the pleasure of going to a preview shopping event for her H&M collection where I plan to spend ALL of my spare change.

Just a little teaser of what's to come for H&M:

But these shoes. I just can't. I'm in the minority for sure. Everywhere I turn in NYC there's a pair in my face. Many are the Marants which clock in at almost $700.

But now there are also less expensive versions all over the place, like these styles from Nike and even my beloved Target.

And this isn't just in New York -- though I dare you to hit up a workout class here and not see them on the way in or out of they gym. I was home in Indianapolis recently and there they were in all sorts of colors.

They've become the "what I wear to the gym" shoe, the "running errands in my neighborhood" shoe, the "aren't they cute with leggings?" shoe. By all accounts (read: every girl I know) they are comfortable. And my shorter friends like that they give them some height.

But a wedge in a sneaker simply doesn't make sense to me. WHY?

Call me old-fashioned, I just think running errands sneakers should be just that, regular old sneakers.

Am I being a curmudgeon? Perhaps. But it's not like I have a problem jumping in on other trends everyone loves. I just don't think they're flattering and their omnipresence has obviously rubbed me the wrong way.

Or maybe I'm extra cranky because I'm going through sugar withdrawal -- it's day 3 while I'm writing this and all I want to do is stuff a million pieces of candy into my mouth.

But really, I want this trend to go away, not grow stronger, as it has the past couple seasons.

What fashion trend keeps going despite your (possible irrational) dislike of it? And am I wrong to not like this wedge situation?