It's the impossibly chic, ultra-wearable, jealousy-inducing, seriously major new item for fall that you don't already have -- and if you do, I'm seriously impressed. Star Wars fans to the front of the line.
Publish date:
September 12, 2011
plus sizes, trends, Star Wars

This RAG & BONE number is for women not little girls. Slightly Russian-uniform inspired, I see it looking great running around Town and Country.

I'm sorry this is just too good: Burberry Prosum. Is it acid green, Kermit The Frog green, pea green or avocado?

H&M -- what's their tag line? "Fashion For Everyone" or something like that? Well it's true, you get all the high fashion you know I love, and it's practically free. They call this a coat (it's obviously a cape; or at least, it's more a cape than coat), because they knew (some of you) would be like -- "I'm not wearing a friggin' cape!!!"

I'll admit it -- it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to find a plus-size cape. And it definitely took a few hours to find one that could hold it's own with the others. Well BRAVO, Eileen Fisher!!! I'd never suggest that necklace (eek!) but the neutral color and minimal cut makes it the perfect to layer on.

Derek Lam giving you a sort of LL BEAN Military moment. I wish so badly there was a men's version, but back at Parsons I would have tried to make this work.

You know those Army jackets we all have and love? Mine is from an Army/Navy store in Northhampton, Mass. Well the genius who is Donna Karan combined the two, and look at the results!

Hello, Poncho. Weekend wear in my book, but I heard Cat say that it's very "assistant at Condé."

Style isn't always slick and shiny. Neither is sexisness. This Ralph Lauren suede cape is SERIOUSLY sexy and not in a "my dress is up to there" kind of way. My inner geek, or rather cinephile, wants to tell you how reminiscent of "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" it is. You know when they're on Endor, with the Ewoks. Luke, Han and Leia are running around in capes? Now that's a fashion moment that people don't talk about enough.