TRACY REESE: Natural Street Hair

Publish date:
February 12, 2012
New York FW Fall 2012

Tresemme lead hairstylist Jeanie Syfu wanted the hair to have "a natural street vibe," not over-styled. Of course "bedhead" was thrown around, another beauty term straight from the "strong brow" bank. I love it though. This is actually exactly what I was going for with my own hair earlier this week.To get the look yourself, start with mousse, then "power dry with fingers." Next, wrap random sections of hair round a double barrel curling iron (I'm sure a single barrel is fine too), leaving out some straight pieces for uneven, urban texture. Finally, take a teardrop section of hair from the crown of the head and secure at the back with an elastic then back-brush for a rough finish. Would you try this? I think it's totally doable.