TRACY REESE: Girly, Fun, Fierce, Empowering Makeup

Publish date:
February 12, 2012
New York FW Fall 2012

When it comes to describing the makeup, Mally says it best herself:

The look is super girly, colorful fierce, fun empowering. The girls have a prettiness to them, but also a toughness. The star of the show is the eyeliner. There's a teal, an electric blue, there's also a gold, which Tracy nixed, but I'm gonna fight for it. And an electric purple, so every girl is gonna have makeup customized for them. The brows are super, super strong. I have added a little Mally touch to them where they're a little bit sparkly because I love the look of a thick shiny brow. If you have shiny, amazing hair, why wouldn't you have shiny amazing brows? Lashes are natural, but full. Lips are really, really soft. Just moisturized hydrated lips. Skin is flawless, technically no makeup, which is a big, fat hairy lie--it's a full face of foundation.