Secondhand Leopard Print, Florals, and Loafers for Under $20

Plus, where to find your own (for slightly more) online!
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March 10, 2016
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As much as I enjoy the thrill of treasure-hunting through the overstuffed, slightly smelly racks at my local Salvation Army, sometimes I feel like treating myself to something a little higher-end. It's not exactly Saks Fifth Avenue, but an independently-owned secondhand clothing store can be a huge improvement compared to a standard thrift store.

We have an adorable secondhand clothing store on the Main Street of our town but I haven't been there in forever. When I stopped by this week I vowed to visit more often.

De Novo Clothing Exchange has clean wood floors, bright lighting, spacious dressing rooms, and a carefully curated selection of clothes organized by type, size, and color. The prices are a bit higher than, say, half-off day at the Salvation Army but there are still plenty of bargains to be found — not to mention that most of the clothes are higher quality.

It was so warm out the day of my trip — 75 degrees in March! — that I was immediately drawn to every floral dress in the store.

I tried on FOUR floral dresses but none of them really fit right. Still, I was just happy to be trying on summer dresses on a warm, spring-like day (It's been a long winter).

Even though I didn't bring a dress home, I didn't leave the store empty-handed either. I found a pair of black patent loafers with leopard print and tassels that fit perfectly. Best of all, I looked up the brand — Anne Klein iFlex — and discovered that these shoes or similar usually run for around $80. I got them for $12 in near-perfect condition.

I took them home, disinfected them with some rubbing alcohol and Lysol, and paired them with black high-waisted skinny jeans.

If I worked in an office, I would just switch out the jeans for black cigarette pants and add a blazer.

Here are some similar options in case you feel that you, too, need a pair of leopard-print loafers (or just a pair of loafers with tassels):

I admit that I went into the store thinking "SPRING!" and came out instead with shoes that scream "FALL!" but that's how thrifting works sometimes. You never know what you're going to find, so you have to be open-minded. Yes, I re-wrote that sentence to avoid a cheesy rhyme.

It was really hard to pick just three winners from last week's comments because everyone shared some amazing thrift store finds. In the end the only way I could choose was by sticking to a theme, so here are three of the best floral finds that you shared last week:

Again, I wish I could feature everyone! I'm blown away by your enthusiasm for this column so far, and I'm so excited to see where this goes. Please keep sharing your thrifted and secondhand treasures in the comments!