I Wish I'd Discovered These Anti-Chafing Shorts Earlier in Chub Rub Season

Even after multiple wears, these shorts didn't ride up too much to stop being effective against thigh rash.
Publish date:
September 8, 2016
chub rub, shorts, Thigh Society

Although Kansas has recently had a bit of a respite from the sweltering heat, it still continues to be peak chub-rub season for me. My battle to block the dreaded heat rash has been ongoing, and although I’ve found some good options to deal with it, I’d yet to find any comfortable (non-Spanx) shorts that I liked until Thigh Society sent me their High Rise Anti-Chafing Panty Short.

Thigh Society is a company based in Canada that ships internationally. I’d never heard of them, so I was a bit wary at first. The reason I’d avoided shorts under skirts and dresses is that I found shapewear to be too uncomfortable and a lot of “nylon” style shorts to be too hot.

I got the largest size, 3XL/4XL — their sizing chart lists this size as a 22-24 but I’m in between a 24 and a 26 and carry most of my weight in my stomach, hips, and thighs (think apple/pear combo). When I first took them out of the package, I actually said out loud, “I don’t think these are going over my thighs,” because they look super-tiny fresh out of the pack. My concern was that I was going to have to wrestle them on a la Spanx, which usually results in a lot of sweat and A LOT of cussing. I was pleasantly surprised, however, because the shorts actually stretch really well and went right up around my legs (and rear) with no problems.

When I saw "high-waisted," I assumed the shorts would pull all the way up to my bra (such is the case with most shapewear I’ve tried, which is handy because I tuck it under my bra to hold it in place). These shorts actually ended up stopping about five inches or so above my belly button (so roughly about two or three inches underneath my bra line). Luckily, these didn’t roll down as I wore them (they did shift slightly, but not in a way that the fabric bunched up or felt uncomfortable). I still would have preferred for them to be a bit higher-waisted, but I was glad they didn't give me a weird mushroom-cloud effect.

The hands-down best part about these shorts is that the fabric is really lightweight, so I didn’t feel a case of swamp-ass coming on all day and I kind of felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

They recommend that you wash these shorts after every wear (even if you wear them with underwear) but I’m doing good to get laundry in once a week since I don’t have a washer and dryer in my apartment and I’m lazy anyways. I wore these for five out of seven days one week (with underwear because I just can't go without it) and I did notice the thigh portion of the shorts started to ride up a bit as they stretched out. They didn’t ride up to the point of being ineffective against chafing, but it was slightly annoying.

After washing and drying them a couple of times, I can tell you that the shape bounces back pretty well, but they do seem to stretch out just a bit sooner than the first time I wore them. Popping them in the dryer on high seems to help with that, though, so not a deal-breaker for me.

Overall I think these shorts are the most comfortable/easiest option for me as far as battling chub rub, and I plan on getting a couple of back-up pairs to wear between now and tights season.