Or, if you like, pay more. ALSO: KILL ME.
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June 11, 2013
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Summer is my very favorite season. God has mercifully spared me from ever living anywhere that experiences snow, blizzards, ice storms or below zero temperatures. I once went to Minnesota in February and stupidly only brought my tiny leather motorcycle jacket. I have a ridiculously warm Dolce & Gabbana impulse purchase coat hanging in my closet as a result. (It was actually on insane clearance sale at the flagship Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis because according to the salesgirl, “It’s 40 degrees! It’s practically summer already! Who still needs a coat?")

While I love summer, I get a little sick of sandals all day, every day from June-September. (September is actually the hottest month in Los Angeles -- 3 years ago we had a record high of 117 degrees on the very day I was hosting a baby shower in my non air-conditioned 100-year-old house. Suffice to say, the mother-to-be and I are NO LONGER FRIENDS.)

I especially start to hate the shoes of summer when I am working on a show -- there are no open-toed shoes allowed on a film set, so sandals aren’t even an option. Even if they were, who has the time to keep up with having your toenails painted 24/7? (Which feels like a must when you are showing them off in endless sandal variations.)

But then yesterday I found the perfect summer shoe. It's snappily stylish and covers my toes without being all big and clunky. That's the thing that bums me out the most about not being able to wear sandals to work -- sometimes summer clothes just beg for something light and dainty on your foot. Plus, these shoes are only $38.00!

It's the perfect amount of foot covered yet foot showing. I have never been a big lover of ballet flats, but these do it for me. I think it's the bitchy pointy toe. I've never been able to wear a pointy toed shoe, as I am a size 10 and verging on having a wide foot. So I was pretty overjoyed when I realized that 1) the sizing info states they run a half size big, and 2) they also come in a size 11!

These shoes are a pretty close copy of Jenni Kayne's lovely Italian-made d'orsay flat, which comes in an endless rainbow of colors and prints. (For those of you who are wondering, d'orsay is a loose fashion term for any shoe that is cut away at the sides, showing the arch of the foot.)

Jenni Kayne makes amazing shoes. They are all manufactured in a small family-owned factory in Italy. You can quite easily trace how the workers who make her shoes are treated. But obviously not everyone can afford a $375.00-$595.00 pair of shoes! I'm giving you all the options when I can, so you can decide what's best for yourself.

I'm thinking these flats would look pretty sweet all summer long with this limited edition Bikini Kill x VFILES "Kill Me" t-shirt dress and an armful of Kate Spade's quirky idiom bangles:

Bikini Kill and Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna based the "Kill Me" dress on one she wore at a 1993 abortion rights benefit concert. At the time, the ladies of Bikini Kill were subject to a ton of abuse from both men who disliked their "mouthy female" politicizing and by women who claimed the band "wasn't doing feminism right." So Hanna took the words right out of their mouths and put them on her chest.

In 2013, the "Kill Me" message has morphed into a commentary on how society thinks a scantily dressed girl is "inviting a discussion" of her body and therefore "asking" to be raped or harassed.

For the record, Hanna says she made the original dress herself, using iron-on letters. As someone who makes t-shirts for a living, I'd recognize that font anywhere -- it's the classic "Cooper" fuzzy letter font, available at almost any sewing and notions store in a dozen colors.

Heat up your irons and get to it!

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