The Fall 2014 Menswear Looks My Future Boyfriend Will And Will Not Be Wearing Part 1

I always judge the looks of stylish lads by whether or not I can see my future boyfriend sporting them.
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February 13, 2014
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I live for fashion weeks across the globe and right now Fall 2014 Menswear fashion month is rolling on in Paris, having already made stops in London and Milan. I always judge the looks of stylish lads by whether or not I can see my future boyfriend sporting them when we're out and about (I say future because I'm really single). From bare chests (no, boo, only Prince and Lenny Kravitz can rock those) to expertly tailored suits (thumbs up because Jared Leto is one of my future squeezes), here are the ensembles my next boy toy will and will not be wearing.

Christopher Raeburn

I love all things Christopher Raeburn and this look is so effortlessly fashionable. The color scheme is unexpected, but totally works and the different pieces come together in a functional, yet understated way. White coats are hard to pull off, but I think it’s essential for every man to invest in quality outerwear and the sweatpants-inspired feel of the trousers are hot. I’ll definitely be borrowing those pants (when I say borrow, I mean stealing to never be seen again).


Leggings and bare chests are really sensitive subjects when it comes to men’s fashion and I happen to not really dig either when it comes to what I’d like to see my man sporting while out and about. On KTZ’s Fall 2014 runway both were at play, topped off with a plush fur hoodie. This works for the catwalk and is honestly really cool, but we would be having a real talk if my man showed up in this look. No, boo.

Dior Homme

Who doesn’t love a man in an expertly tailored suit? I’m partial to a European cut, where the fit is a bit snugger. There is something about a pinstripe that I find so polished, yet masculine and I love the floral motif right above the breast pocket -- such an unanticipated yet elegant touch. I wouldn’t mind seeing a hunk like Jared Leto in this Dior Homme suit at the Oscars.


I LOVED Magic Mike, but God forbid my beau think he could walk around in this Versace get-up, resembling one of the film’s characters! The only man who can wear ass-less chaps will and always has been Prince. Let’s leave it at that.

Kanye West for A.P.C.

New images were just released of Kanye West’s 2nd collection with A.P.C. and the looks closely resemble ensembles that he wears. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m an avid fan of Mr. West’s fashion choices and the Texas tuxedo -- a.k.a., denim on denim. I’m also a New York City girl, thus a pair of nubuck suede Timberlands will always be an absolute wardrobe necessity for any man I date. The fur-lined parka is the icing on the cake: wearable, but still stylish.

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