I urge you all to give the striped dress trend a go and with my help, xoJane's incredibly charismatic cast of characters demonstrates how to wear the trend.

Photography & Styling

Eric Nicholson.

The perfect models:

Julie, Cat, Denise, Francesca, Emily, Olivia, Madeline and Amanda.

If you're a faithful reader of this website, which I know you are, you're aware that the maxi dress is a huge trend right now. After

giving Becca some sound advice

on how to wear one, I figured I shouldn't leave all the rest of you out in the cold, so I researched some extra maxi dress options and found a plethora of striped versions. To be fair, not everyone wants to jump on the maxi dress wagon, so I included a few other shapes -- all stripes!

Designers reinterpret stripes almost every single season -- they're an all-time classic and they've been tweaked in all sorts of ways to cater to new trends. I mean, what other pattern can say they represent nautical, punk rock AND preppy? They're a kind of perpetual trendy classic, if you will. Stripes are an awesome way to add a little extra something to your outfit without going too crazy.

I urge you all to give the striped dress trend a go. Of course, you can never forget to cater to your personal style and taste while getting dressed, so I decided to demonstrate on xoJane's incredibly charismatic cast of characters.

Now tell me, how will YOU wear the striped dress trend -- maxi, mini, ??