I'm Pretty Sure Statement Necklaces Are The Key To My Heart

I will never have too many. NEVER.
Publish date:
November 7, 2013
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Hi, my name is Abby and I can't stop obsessing over/buying statement necklaces. I may have a problem but I don't want to recover.

I was so happy to see giant neckwear continuing to have a moment on the runways for Spring/Summer 2014. I don't think I'll know what to do with myself if small, dainty necklaces are suddenly all that everyone's wearing. (I mean, I would probably just keep wearing my big ones, but this is a trend that can go on forever as far as I'm concerned.)

And there's something for every mood.

Quirky at Marni (naturally):

Ladylike with a twist at Chanel:

Tough girl at Saint Laurent:

As you may be starting to learn, I keep my style pretty simple. I'm not usually one for lots of prints or complicated looks. But I love a good accessory to really pull an outfit together.

Statement necklaces do exactly that -- and they work whether you're somewhat of a minimalist like me or someone whose outfits always involve lots of components.

My friend Elizabeth (who also used to work with us back at Jane mag) is the master of wearing SO many statement pieces at one time and making it look effortlessly cool and not try-hard. I love her style so much, even if it's not something I think works for me. But, oh, how we both love a serious necklace.

Plus, I never wear earrings so I feel like I have to make up for something up top. (Stay tuned for more about my other obsession: RINGS!)

This Lulu Frost one I'm wearing is simple but always gets noticed. It came with a really beautiful brooch pinned on the front but the clasp is broken and it keeps falling off so I can't wear it right now for fear of losing it forever. But I do love that it's two in one, plain metal mesh or with a chunky, jeweled accoutrement.

But I need a fix. I want more, more, more to add to the jewelry trees in my apartment.

Because honestly, I need something to brighten up my mood while I recover from this broken foot situation. And pretty, sparkly necklaces seem like just the thing. Hoping you'll find some you like, too.

J.Crew has become a one-stop shop for the big ass necklace obsessed. There's something new and awesome every time you go to the store or hit the site.

This one is my current obsession. It would look perfect with a simple shift dress for work or with something dressier come holiday party time. (Sidebar: OMG, how is it almost holiday party time already? Where is my life going?)

I've been on a gold streak lately and need to add some silver into my life again. I think i'm putting this Fallon necklace on my Christmas list -- if I don't buy it for myself first.

If it is green, I WILL BUY IT. This is currently on its way to my apartment.

A classic, geometric necklace at a super good price? YES PLEASE.

Do you hoard necklaces like me? Or do you have another signature jewelry style? Also, tell me where you're finding great pieces right now!