Get on My Level and Find Yourself a Beautiful, Tacky Embroidered Jacket for $15

Was I crazy to buy this coat, or would I have been crazy NOT to?
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March 24, 2016
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This week, I went thrifting with a very clear goal in mind. Even though I found what I was looking for, I also ended up buying something unexpected.

I also ended up breaking two of my thrifting rules.

The first one isn't so much a thrifting rule as it is a general rule of thumb: don't bother going thrifting with a specific item in mind. It's unlikely you'll find exactly what you're looking for the day that you need it. However, this week I got lucky. I needed a simple black miniskirt and I needed it this week. I was fortunate that the thrift store had a lot of black skirts in stock, and I managed to find three in my size. One was perfect and, since it was half-off day, it was marked down to only $2.

The second rule is one that I mentioned last week, and it's my personal rule for any kind of shopping: I'm not allowed to buy things just because they make me laugh.

Well, I found this beautiful embroidered jacket. It also might be kind of tacky. I'm honestly still divided on that. I tried it on and I wasn't sure if it was worth the $13 (I have a knack for finding the one thing in the store that's "expensive" and not marked half-off).

Then I noticed what was embroidered on the inside and it made me laugh so hard I just had to break my rule and buy the damn coat. Click through the gallery below and you'll see what I mean.

Before I show you how I styled these items, let's talk about some of the other cute items I found but didn't buy. This week was all about the spring-ready displays. Just check out these adorable Easter-hued heels:

There were also tons of lighter scarves for the warmer weather:

And finally, check out these colorful gowns:

Probably my favorite part of the thrift store is looking through all of the evening wear. I never let myself actually buy any of the gowns, but I love oohing over the pretty ones and laughing (quietly to myself) at the extremely outdated ones. There's definitely a lot of the latter to be found but if you're looking for a prom dress or formal dress of some sort, the thrift store is always worth a shot. You might find something unique and save a lot of money. At the very least, it's a gold mine if you need costumes for plays, kids' dress-up games, or Halloween.

Moving on to what I actually did buy...

I decided to keep my outfit pretty simple so as to let the coat take center stage. I paired the black skirt with a sheer black top, and complemented the red in the jacket with my shoes and lipstick to pull it all together.

I love an outfit that makes a statement from the back too.

If you're into the embroidered jacket as well, I found a few options online. Not all of them are florals on a black background (a combination that I personally love) but they're all pretty awesome, I have to say.

Here's a few under $100, including a cute vintage number from the '80s:

These are over $100 if you're willing to spend extra on something special:

I realize most of you, like me, probably can't afford that Erdem coat but it was too pretty not to include.

Here are three of the coolest thrift store finds that you guys shared in the comments last week:

Now, I'm ready for your honest opinions: Was I crazy to buy that coat, or would I have been crazy NOT to?