Want Instant Foot Pizzazz? Get Yourself Some Sweet Shoe Jewelry!

Yes, I'm talking jewelry for your kicks. It's the final frontier.
Publish date:
May 21, 2014
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We are living in truly glorious times, where a girl can bedazzle, sparkle-ify and bejewel almost anything her little heart desires. Bags, clothes, phones -- everything is fair game. (Hell, you can even bedazzle your own body -- remember crystal tattoos?)

I previously wrote about boot jewelry, a wondrous and fantastic invention, but are you aware there are actually all kinds of shoe jewelry out there? Specifically -- and most importantly for someone with bunions like myself -- sneaker jewelry? I sure wasn't, but now that I am, you can bet your butt I'll be making up for lost time.

Four Two Four on Faixfax calls their fancy sneaker jewelry "Sneaker Crowns," and they are basically shiny charms on blunt pegs with screw backs that you thread through your shoelace eyelets. These Sneaker Crowns come in sixty-some odd designs (including initials!) and add instant foot pizzazz to any look.

As with most things in life, if one is good -- way more is always even better. This theory applies tenfold when you're talking about Sneaker Crowns. The more the merrier!

The Sneaker Crowns I ordered for myself haven't arrived yet, but while I'm waiting I've aped the look with some random single earrings that were floating around in my jewelry box. (Just use a pencil eraser sliced in half instead of an earring back to both avoid the post stabbing you in the foot and to ensure it stays put.)

If bling isn't your thing, you can always accessorize your sneakers with some zany laces. These multi-colored ones from U-Lace can be customized in a million different color ways and have the added benefit of turning any pair of sneakers into a slip on -- perfect for breezing through airport security or quickly leaving the scene of a crime where you happen to have dozed off. (You're a polite criminal, after all, and would never put your shoes on someone's sofa.)

But sneakers aren't the only footwear getting in on the shoe jewelry trend. Any shoe with a strap across the toe -- flats, heels and wedges alike can benefit from a pair of shoe clips. Hannah has a great idea for getting this same look cheaply, but if you want to get fancy, search no farther than these couture shoe accoutrements called Shoelery. They are basically luxe clip on earrings for your shoes!

The Dominatrix in all of us will appreciate Shoelery's heel rings. (Just consider them a little something extra for the poor soul who is licking your spike heel to look at.)

You can also transform a pair of plain old pumps into an on-trend strappy sandal with these clever leather criss cross inventions by Dekkori. They come in black, white and metallic purple -- which are really the only three color choices a gal could ever need in life.

If attaching something to your footwear doesn't work for you, it's still possible to play the shoe jewelry game -- just slap this pair of gold toned cuffs around your ankles and call it a day. They work with absolutely any shoe -- from a sneaker to a flip flop. (I want a pair to wear barefoot poolside, because I'm ticky-tacky to the bone.)

Now that shoe jewelry is a "thing," I'm wondering what the powers that be could possibly have planned for us to accessorize next? I'm not-so-secretly hoping it has something to do with bedazzling my internal organs. Glitter spleens: totally on-trend for Fall 2014!

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